Top Facebook Fans

Spot your most active fans and run contests on your timeline!

Identify your biggest fans daily, weekly, or monthly and automatically publish the winners on your Timeline. The Top Fans App can help you run activity contests directly on your Timeline by ranking your fans based on their total likes, comments and posts during the last 30 days.

An ounce of competition

Automatically let fans see their activity rank on your page — you can bet there will be competition!

A great way to manage contests directly on your Timeline and reward your most active fans with prizes.

The Top Fan App is the only Timeline Contest App that will allow you to boost engagement all year long without limiting the boost to a single post.

The Facebook Top Fan App also features:

  • Choose to showcase your best fan every day, week or month
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  • Automatically publish your top fan on your Timeline with a personalized thank you message
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  • A great way to motivate your fans to engage with your content
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  • A score calculated according to an algorithm that takes the quantity of interactions but also its quality

Mobile & tablet optimized

Facebook claims to have more than 600 million mobile users monthly. Don’t miss them with our mobile & tablet optimized apps.

Automatic timeline publishing

Automatically post the name of your top facebook fan on your timeline with a customized message.

If you want to run a contest, use this feature to automatically announce the winners.

Personalized design

You can use one of our 15 templates to personnalize your design. You can even use the HTML/CSS option, to personalize every detail in the application.