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December 17, 2014 at 2:15 pm

16 Instagram Statistics You Need to Know

Think you know Instagram?

Think your visual content strategy is built and targeted for maximum effectiveness?

These Instagram statistics from JustUnfollow may make you reconsider how you’re doing business on social.  Watch for the large infographic at the end summarizing everything your business needs to know!

1. More  Engagement

engagement rate

Engagement is the lifeblood of social media, and with the recent decline in reach and engagement on Facebook, it’s good to know that some social networks – like Instagram – still deliver.


2. Broad User Base

17% of Internet Users on Instagram

You wouldn’t put a billboard next to a road nobody drives on, and you won’t market on a social network nobody signs up for.

Nearly 2 out of every 10 internet users – and there’s 3 billion of them, by the way! – have profiles on Instagram!

What’s more, Instagram’s total user base just hit 300 million.


3.  High Monthly Activity

200 Million Monthly Active Users

User volume is good, but activity matters. If they’re not logging in, they’re not seeing your ads or buying your products.  Instagram gets 200 million users on every month, so you’re not wasting ad dollars on dead profiles.


4. High Daily Activity

75 Million Daily Users

If you want results in days, not months, Instagram is a great choice! 75 million users log in every day, which provides more than enough opportunity to see things happening in a much shorter timeline.


5. Strong Growth

25% Growth from 12/13 to 5/14

If you’re making social marketing investments, it’s a good idea to go after networks with room to expand. Instagram’s consistent – and impressive! – growth signal that you’re not marketing on a platform that might disappear a year or two from now.


6. Equal OS  Ratio

50% iOS and Android Adoption

You probably have a preference, but as a marketer it’s essential to have the ability to easily reach users who use both operating systems. That’s why Instagram’s equal distribution – 50% iPhone, 50% Android – is just what you’re looking for.


7. Most Users Are  Women


Women drive consumption, generally speaking. That’s reason enough to consider Instagram with a user base that’s nearly 70% female.


8. Most Users Are Young

90% Users Under 35

Gen Y is big and tech-savvy, so you know you have a healthy market.


9. Big Twitter Presence

83% of Posts Use Hashtags

We know integrated marketing works, especially with Twitter. 83% of Instagram posts come with hashtags. It’s basically an open invitation to bring your Twitter and Instagram campaigns together.


10.  60 Million Photos a Day

60 Million Photos Posted Daily

With Instagram’s high photo upload rate – 60 million a day! – you can expect more than just a more active user base. You can also expect more people – who may not even be on Instagram – to look at those photos. That translates to more eyes for your ads.


11. Likes, Comments, Hashtags


A lot happens on Instagram that doesn’t involve uploading photos.

Users post 1,000 comments every second and like posts 1.2 billion times a day. It’s simply more evidence of the kind of activity your brand is looking for.


12. Trends, Filters

Top Trends & Filters

When it comes to engagement, nostalgia really brings it out. That’s why Instagram’s Throwback Thursday is so promising. And, of course, we already know how popular selfies are. Whatever the latest trend happens to be, you can expect to find it on Instagram.


13. Best Opportunities

What to Use Instagram For

You’re probably running the same strategies across all your social channels- special offers work, contests work, and current events really work. Whether you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you can expect to see good numbers with them.


14. Top 10 Hashtags

Most Popular Twitter Hashtags

We already talked about how lucrative Instagram-Twitter integration is. But to stress the point, just turn your attention to the hashtags that come up again and again. You’ll notice that many of them refer to Facebook and Twitter. 30% of them, in fact.


15. Low Marketing Adoption Rate

Only 28% of marketers use Instagram.

You know the old adage – get in early. Instagram is only utilized by 28% of marketers in the industry. This is your opportunity to move in before everybody else does.


16. Effective Strategies

Effective Instagram Strategies

Instagram marketing strategies aren’t unique to Instagram, and that’s a good thing. You won’t be reinventing the wheel. Just connect your channels, post great visuals, use the right hashtags, be interesting, host contests, and plan your posts. You’re already doing these things on Facebook and Twitter. It’ll be easy to add Instagram to the mix!

But if you’re hurting for ideas, we have 5 proven strategies to get you started.


If you’re on the fence about marketing on Instagram, don’t be. Take these stats to heart – or to your boss – and take the plunge. You’ll thank us later.

And let us know how it goes in a comment below!

Be sure to check out the original post with the infographic on JustUnfollow.


Full Infographic

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