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February 6, 2014 at 8:01 pm

Facebook contest apps examples you should see! January 2014

CaseStudy300x300If you need some Facebook apps examples, you’re in the right place. Check out our January review of the best Sweepstake, Instant-win, Fan vote, Quiz and Personality Test campaigns.

After choosing the right Facebook contest apps, you’ll have to create the best graphics ever, and then, definitely create your campaign. You’ll see how super easy it is to do with Agorapulse.

A Few weeks ago, we’ve written another article about Facebook apps example – check it out here!

Here are some “inspirations” to help you create the best contest for your brand’s Facebook Page.

Sweepstakes :

Type of App: Sweepstakes with one final draw
Industry: Travel
Size of FanPage: 84K Fans
Campaign duration: 10 days
Prizes offered: 2 plane tickets to the promoted destination
Number of participants: 4,000

Why we picked this campaign: their visual is beautiful, the prize is perfect not only to target their core audience but also to gain new fans. It is a big and very attractive prize, the brand gained over 1600 fans thanks to this campaign, a 2% increase in ten days ! 40% of their participants were new fans.

Marrakech Facebook Sweepstakes app

This page is dedicated to travelers: nothing more normal than offering plane tickets thanks to the Sweepstakes app.

On the flip side, the Sweepstakes Facebook app is not great for entertaining your fans or building a strong lasting relationship. If your brand is new or if you’re offering a new product, a Sweepstakes is the right tool for introducing yourself.

Discover the 8 things you need to know before running a sweepstakes app on Facebook.


Instant Win

Type of App: Instant-win (daily)
Industry: Clothing
Size of FanPage: 11K Fans
Campaign duration: 15 days
Prizes offered: Lingerie
Number of participants: 2,700

Why we picked this campaign: This campaign offers a strong chance to win as it offers one prize per day and a chance to win every day. The brand used Valentine’s day to promote their lingerie line by offering a sexy item as prize. The visual is attractive and the prize targets their audience.

An Instant-win game using Valentine’s day to promote their brand a offer sexy lingerie prize

An Instant-win game using Valentine’s day to promote their brand a offer sexy lingerie prize

Like the Sweepstakes, the Instant Win Facebook app is great for recruiting new fans or promoting new brands or products. This brand gained nearly 800 new fans. Sweepstakes participants have to wait until the next draw to find out if they’ve won or not. Instant Win games provide instant gratification and can be addictive- fans will return to play again, and again. Sweepstakes generally offer fewer, more valuable prizes. Instant win games keep the momentum going by offering smaller prizes in higher quantity.  Do you have a lot of small prizes but aren’t sure how to offer them? You should think about the Instant-Win app to create some fun on your Facebook page.


Fan vote

Type of App: fan votes
Industry:  Department Store
Size of FanPage: 450K Fans
Campaign duration: 1 week
Prizes offered: Gift cards
Number of participants: 3800

Why we picked this campaign: It’s a good example of Facebook Fan Vote app, where fans are to pick their favorite outfit. A clear way to choose between 3 items, 3 neat visuals.

Facebook Fan Vote

Pick your favorite outfit and win a gift card to this department store.

Fan vote is a great app of you want to animate your fan base. It’s engaging and involving. You can ask you fans to vote for their favorite product, TV commercial, series episode, performing artist…If you want to run a successful fan vote campaign, check out our article.



Type of App: Quiz
Industry: Travel/ Lodging
Size of FanPage: 27K Fans
Campaign duration: 2 weeks
Prizes offered: A trip to the promoted destination, 200€ in voucher for accommodation
Number of participants: 2100 participants

Why we picked this campaign: This facebook quiz app campaign is about the location that is promoted. It’s a good challenge to fans and allows them to learn more about this part of the world. The brand also partnered up to offer the first prize, both brands can benefit from this partnership. The prize is big enough that it attracted 1600 new fans!

facebook quiz martinique

The Facebook Quiz app is a good way to animate your page and grow your fan engagement.

Quizzes are a great engagement tool, and the go to app for B2B’s struggling to build social interactions.  A quiz won’t recruit like a sweepstakes or instant win game, but it will engage and nurture community.

If you need more tips about the Quiz, you definitely should read the “9 things you must know to run a successful Quiz App campaign” blog post.


Personality test

Type of App: Personality Test
Industry: Home Décor
Size of FanPage: 39K Fans
Campaign duration: 2 months
Prizes offered: Hundreds of prizes
Number of participants: 8,100 participants

Why we picked this campaign: This campaign is very well managed, and its results proves it. It gives its participants strong chances to win as the brand offers hundreds of small prizes totaling over $20 000. They display the test on the home page of their webpage. They have gained 9100 new fans and increased by 25% their fan base. 38% of the participants used their mobile phone to play.

Personality test App

This test will tell you which decorating theme best suits you.

Personality test apps are fun and engaging for any brand in any industry. This campaign is a perfect example of how brands with wide ranging products can provide a service to potential customers while promoting brand awareness and nurturing community around the products.

And you, what’s your business and what kind of app has best served your needs?

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