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March 5, 2014 at 11:41 am

Facebook contest apps examples you should see! (March 5, 2014)

Having a hard time choosing the best Facebook app for your page’s animation? Our latest anthology of the best app campaigns we have seen so far in February is definitely going to help you choose to right Facebook contest app to serve your purpose.

Remember, If you want to communicate on your campaign performance, feel free to send us your results and maybe be a part of our next Apps review!


Instant Win

Type of App: Instant Win, daily draw
Industry: Banking
Size of FanPage:  19 K Fans
Campaign duration:  14 days
Prizes offered: 2 tickets to an event sponsored by the bank

Why we picked this campaign: It is playful! The jackpot visual is great, it invites to play and emphasizes the strong chance to win. During the campaign the page gained 2900 new fans, got 179 shares, and 115 invites. The brand promotes the event they are sponsoring and since this event is huge and well attended, the prize is attractive to new fans.

facebook instant win app

Click here and get a chance to win your tickets

The Facebook Instant Win works like a slot machine- winners immediately know whether they’ve won or not, and are encouraged to come back and try again, driving up interactions on your page. Like the Sweepstakes, it’s one of the simplest campaigns you can run on Facebook. It’s easy for a busy marketer to launch, and easy for the almost as busy prospect or fan to enter. That’s a great advantage if your goal is to grow your fan base and reach a large audience.


Photo contest

Type of App: Photo Contest
Industry: Food
Size of FanPage: 458K Fans
Campaign duration: 3 weeks
Prizes offered: a day with Chefs to create the new dessert that will be sold in the brands’ supermarkets and also 5 gift cards as consolation prize. 

Why we picked this campaign: This is a really engaging campaign. It asks fans to create a dessert, photograph it, and then post the photo on the contest. The brand partnered with a famous TV show . Votes and jury selection will pick 5 winners to spend a day together with Top Chefs and create the new dessert that the brand will then market and sell in their stores. The theme of the contest is a really good fit for their audience. A good example of fan base animation and community nurturing. By the way, we love cooking, Top Chef and other food stuff 🙂

facebook photo contest app example

Send your picture and win the contest by gaining votes.

During a Facebook Photo contest campaign, fans will actively promote their entries to their friends, consequently promoting your campaign and your brand for you! A photo contest creates a sophisticated and fun user experience to make your brand more memorable. Interested? You absolutely need to read the 7 things you need to know to run your Photo Contest campaign.



Type of App: Quiz
Industry:  Travel
Size of FanPage:  2900 Fans
Campaign duration:  2 months
Prizes offered:  a trip for 2 to Bali, travel vouchers

Why we picked this campaign: The prize is really attractive! Answer 5 simple questions and stand a chance to win a trip for 2 to Bali (worth $1400) and ten $100 travel vouchers. The campaign quotes “Refer as many friends to participate to increase your score.” it is a good use of a campaign to gain new fans. Users sent 279 invites. This company used this quiz to engage their community and challenge the knowledge of their brand by their fan base.

quiz app axample facebook

Test your knowledge of the brands offers, share the quiz, and win a trip to Bali

The Facebook Quiz App is advantageous for collecting emails (though not spectacular), offering an in-depth brand experience, capitalizing on person-to-person marketing, nurturing your brand ambassadors and finding new ones. It will also throw a little gasoline on your brand awareness machine.



Type of App: Coupon
Industry:  Clothing
Size of FanPage:  6900 Fans
Campaign duration:  11 days
Prizes offered:  Much reduced price on the item they promote, for a limited time and while supplies last.

Why we picked this campaign: Centered on Valentine’s Day, this campaign used this date to promote the brand’s main article. Why not offer a Beanie at a much reduced price? Very good way to use the coupon app, at this price, even if you don’t need one, you are tempted to get one. A good way to secure customer loyalty, attract new fans and boost sales. The brand gained 668 new fans during this short campaign, the campaign was shared 75 times and users sent 181 invites.

coupon app example facebok

Use this coupon to get your price reduction

Want to try a Facebook coupon app? Go ahead! Facebook Offers disappeared so, enjoy the coupon app!


Type of App:  Sweepstakes, 10 winners every Friday of the duration of the campaign
Industry: Online Casino
Size of FanPage:  161K Fans
Campaign duration: 25 days
Prizes offered: chips to play

Why we picked this campaign: This campaign really engaged the Page’s fan base. The brand used Valentine’s day to express their love for their fans by giving out chips to play easily. The campaign itself is a free game, which gives a chance to win. It really appeals to their core audience, gamblers who love to play and seek the excitement of a possible win. As sharing increased the chances to win, this campaign was shared 501 times. Well done!

facebook sweepstakes app example

Take your chance and hope for Friday!


Brands love Facebook sweepstakes campaigns because it’s an easy to use application for Marketers and fans, viral and efficient. “How can I make sure my Facebook app goes viral?” is the request we probably get the most. Want to know how viral your sweepstake can be? Read this!


Fan vote

Type of App:  Fan vote
Industry:  Service
Size of FanPage:  150K fans
Campaign duration:  2 weeks
Prizes offered:  A trip valued €1000

Why we picked this campaign: this campaigned had an enormous amount of participants. It was super attractive and easy to play. Figure out of which lamp the genie came out, vote, and you get a chance to win a €1000 trip. Although the chances to win are meager, the challenge is fun, engaging and the prize is big enough to want to try. During this campaign, the page gained 7400 new fans, the contest was shared 272 times and 114 invites were sent. The brand also used this campaign to communicate on the success of their Facebook page and the number of fans they have. Success is always a good thing to communicate on!


Facebook fan vote app example

Vote for a lamp and win a trip!


Facebook Fan Vote campaign is always productive, whether you’re receiving insight on your next product, or just razzing your customers up about your brand. It is a great app if you want to animate your fan base. It’s engaging and involving. Customers love telling you what they think, and having the power to decide. Just take a look at your Facebook page! They’re dying to be a part of the process that delivers.

And you, what’s your business and what kind of app has best served your needs?


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