Lots of amazing Facebook app campaigns in this review! Easter is gone, Mother’s day is coming up and some brands have definitely used these opportunities to create attractive campaigns!

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Photo contest

Industry: Jewelry
Size of FanPage:  1,500 Fans
Campaign duration: 2 weeks
Prizes offered: $300 gift card and a dozen roses

Why we picked this campaign : It’s the ultimate Mother’s day photo contest! Who can resist a mom and child selfie? Children will love to honor their mothers with a cool selfie and a chance to win a perfect mother’s day gift. The turnout is amazing for this page of a local Michigan Jewelry store. They gained 320 new fans during this campaign but mostly they really touch the the heart of their core audience and generated true engagement.

selfie facebook photo contest app

Take a selfie with your mom and have a chance to win a gift card and roses for mother’s day.



Industry: Retail, home equipment
Size of FanPage:  53K Fans
Campaign duration: 6 weeks
Prizes offered: 1 000€

Why we picked this campaign : It’s Easter and this Facebook Quiz application is smart! Basically, they send their fans on their web page in order to find the hidden eggs. An egg hunt on a website, how fun, and how likely are we to purchase something while on it!! Their visual is playful and attractive. Well done. Big participation to this quiz with 475 shares and 229 invites. The page gained 2.7K new fans.




Type of app: One draw, 4 winners.
Industry: Spa
Size of FanPage:  22K Fans
Campaign duration: 6 weeks
Prizes offered: 4 different Prizes comprising Spa treatment

Why we picked this campaign : because this company used the Mother’s day gift opportunity to advertise the re-opening of one of their facilities, it is smart. We like campaigns with a double purpose. The first prize is a duo treatment, one can go with their mother …or not. The page gained 525 during the campaign and it is not over. Cool Sweepstakes!

balinea sweepstakes


Instant Win

Type of app: 40 winners
Industry: Pet industry
Size of Fan page: 130K fans
Campaign duration: 3 weeks
Prizes offered: Dog or cat surprise box with products for pets

Why we picked this campaign: Great design, nice industry and more than that, a very successful Instant win Facebook campaign ! More than 100 friends invites sent, a lot of new fans recruited AND qualified thanks to the qualification form. It’s really awesome, for a Pet brand, to know if your fans own a cat, a dog, … That’s CRM, guys! You should think about it if you haven’t yet. By the way, I have a bunny at home, I’m waiting for a contest with bunnies now! 😀