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April 15, 2014 at 12:15 am

Facebook contest apps examples you should see! (April 14th, 2014)

Here is our latest review of some of our favorite Facebook app campaigns of the last 2 weeks. An opportunity to gather great ideas for your next app campaign.

Remember! If you want to communicate on your campaign performance, feel free to send us your results and maybe be a part of our next Apps review!



Type of App: Sweepstakes, one draw
Industry: Food
Size of FanPage:  6390 Fans
Campaign duration: 10 days
Prizes offered: As Surprise package for the whole family

Why we picked this campaign:  because it is Easter! And although we have no idea what they are saying, the visual is tempting and just made us want to click to enter. A strong visual is always a good idea, it catches the eye and encourages the fans to play. This company is using this holiday to engage their fans and offer a surprise gift for the whole family. This campaign had good results: more than 1.000 new fans, 190 shares, 70 invites. Sharing gave extra chances to win.

App Sweepstakes Struik



Type of App: Quiz
Industry: Tech
Size of FanPage:  30.000 Fans
Campaign duration: 10 days
Prizes offered: 1 Samsung Galaxy S5

Why we picked this campaign:  because it is about tech and we love tech! It makes sense for this page to create a contest to win a Samsung. By the way, it’s also a very successful campaign with more than 6.100 participants! The brand used the Quiz to select participants : people who gave the right answer subscribed to the final manual draw, at the end of the week. More than 4,000 shares and almost 4,000 invites. Woot! Let’s get Viral!

 successufl Facebook Quiz App example with agorapulse

Personality Test

Type of App: Personality test
Industry: Tea brand
Size of FanPage: 64226 fans
Campaign duration: 6 months
Prizes offered: None

Why we picked this campaign: because we believe it is a very good example of how to use a personality test. This campaign matches the fan’s personality with one of the brand’s tea flavors. Not only will the test tell you what kind of tea you are made for drinking but it will also tell you what that flavor says about you. A real personality test! Very engaging for the fans, good marketing on the company’s part as the flattering message that comes with the tea will encourage fans to buy it!

good earth tea



Instant Win

Type of App: Enter to win
Industry: Fast food
Size of FanPage:  28 K Fans
Campaign duration:  3 weeks
Prizes offered: Over 130 prizes

Why we picked this campaign: because it was very successful! In three weeks this page gained 3100 new fans, was shared more than 350 times, and got more than 330 invites. Big success for this campaign in which the brand partnered with another brand to gain more visibility and fans. The abundance of prizes and the numerous chances to win made this Instant Win very attractive and it paid off.





Type of App: Coupon
Industry: Cosmetics
Size of FanPage: 8500 fans
Campaign duration: 4 weeks
Prizes offered: samples of their latest product .

Why we picked this campaign: because it is a good one! Coupons are not always interesting yet this one is not only beautiful but also smart. With this coupon you get a free sampler of the brand’s new product if you pick it up in select stores. It’s a good example on how brands can bring fans to the stores in order to convert them into clients. During this campaign, the page gained 517 new fans, which is a lot for an 8000 fan page. Well done Kiehl Chile!


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