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February 19, 2014 at 10:24 pm

Facebook contest apps examples you should see! (February 19, 2014)

About to launch your next Facebook contest app?
This time we chose to focus on 5 apps that are excellent examples of how to run successful app campaigns.
As you are looking for the best way to run your own contest, don’t forget that the first step is to choose the right Facebook contest app to serve your purpose.

Check out the 5 Facebook app campaigns below and create the best contest for your brand’s Facebook Page.

Also, if you want to communicate on your campaign performance, feel free to send us your results and maybe be a part of our next facebook contest Apps review!

Photo contest:

Type of App: Photo Contest
Industry: Automobile
Size of FanPage: 3 800 Fans
Campaign duration: 5 weeks
Prizes offered: 1 High-end camera

Why we picked this campaign: their visuals are beautiful! The prize is well chosen as they are offering an extreme sports camera for a photo contest. The topic of their contest targets their core audience, SUV and extreme sports lovers, but is attractive to new fans too. They gained 20% of new fans during the contest and had many voters.

facebook photo contest

Send your picture and win the contest by gaining votes.

Facebook Photo contests app are engaging but not always the best app to gain new fans.  Find out how to run a successful photo contest!


Sweepstakes :

Type of App: Sweepstakes with one prize a day
Industry: Cosmetics
Size of FanPage: 145K Fans
Campaign duration: 1 month
Prizes offered: 2 units of their product
Number of participants: 16K

Why we picked this campaign: This brand gained over 17000 news fans during this campaign, a third of their audience visited the campaign and 30% participated. The campaign gained 15000 shares and 14000 friend invites. Good turn out, great outcome. Strong visuals, which uses their ads pictures. Easy-to-earn attractive prize which targets their core audience.
We also wanted to show-off:  Agorapulse is used in many countries and many languages 😉


Click and you are in! A chance to win every day.

If you want to know more on sweepstakes campaigns, check out 8 things you need to know before running a sweepstakes app on Facebook.


Fan vote:

Type of App: fan votes
Industry:  Technology, R&D
Size of FanPage: 4300 Fans
Campaign duration: 10 days
Prizes offered: None

Why we picked this campaign: It’s a good example of Fan Vote app, where fans are involved in the nomination of the laureate of an award. It is very engaging and entertains the strong lasting relationship between the brand and its fans.

altran fan vote

Fan Vote is a great app if you want to animate your fan base. It’s engaging and involving. You can ask your fans to vote for their favorite product, TV commercial, series episode, performing artist…If you want to run a successful fan vote campaign, check out our article.


Type of App: Quiz
Industry: Publishing
Size of FanPage: 33,5K Fans
Campaign duration: 2 weeks
Prizes offered: Books
Number of participants: 4900 participants

Why we picked this campaign: This quiz is about the latest book by the owner of the Facebook page. It’s a good challenge for fans. The page gained 1900 new fans during the campaign, users did 800 shares and 450 invites. Good example of community nurturing!


Test your knowledge of the latest book by this author and win her new book and ten previous ones!

Facebook Quiz app is a great tool to engage your community and challenge the knowledge of your brand by your fan base.


Personality test:

Type of App: Personality Test
Industry: Festival
Size of FanPage:  15.5 K Fans
Campaign duration:  1 month
Prizes offered: None
Number of participants: 627 participants

Why we picked this campaign:  It is a really fun test. The page belongs to a community that has a few events per year and has to keep their fan base engaged all year round. This campaign is a perfect example of how communities can animate their page. Geared towards the real geeks, this personality test defines the kind of adventure that best suits them. Since we are geeks too, we enjoyed taking this test!


Which kind of adventurer are you? Find out by taking this test!

Personality tests are fun and engaging for any brand in any industry.

And you, what’s your business and what kind of app has best served your needs?


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