facebook-marketing-newsUnless you have just woken up from a very long siesta, you will know by now that Facebook has updated its promotions guidelines.  We have lots of reaction to that, and advice on how to use the change to your advantage. That’s not all that happened this week, we have feedback on the algorithm change that targets spammy memes and lots of other interesting ideas, info and insights to help busy Page admins.


#1 We Would LIKE to COMMENT the New Contest Rules and SHARE it with you!

Author: Andrea Vahl, AndreaVahl.com

Why read this article?

Just in case you missed the new rules on running contests on your Page, this is a good article on what the new guidelines allow. It also includes some advice on what this actually means for Page admins, how the change affects ‘Like and Share’ competitions and where it leaves third party Facebook contest apps.

<<See the new rules here


#2 More on Facebook’s New Promotions Guidelines

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook

Why read this article?

This was a major departure for Facebook, and has significant implications for Facebook marketers, so we decided that there was no harm in having two articles on the subject. This one includes some additional feedback and advice on how to leverage the change.

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#3 New Contest Rules – What the Experts Have to Say

Author: Justin Lafferty, Inside Facebook

Why read this article?

This article includes reaction from industry experts on the change to Facebook’s guidelines when it comes to running promotions. Find out why Facebook may have made these changes and how you can leverage them to benefit your Page.

<<Expert opinion here


#4 10 Steps to a Distraction Free Work Day

Author: Scott Ayres, Post Planner

Why read this article?

Running a Facebook Page, or several, is time consuming and requires discipline and organisation.  As internet marketers we have access to so much potentially distracting information, it can mean that a task that should take 15 minutes can take over an hour.  Find out how to make time to run your Page efficiently.

<<Great advice here


#5 Algorithm Change Targets Spammy Memes

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital

Why read this article?

Facebook has been much more open about changes made to the News Feed algorithm.  The latest announcement targeted content trying to ‘game News Feed distribution’.  This change generated a huge reaction from Facebook Marketers. Find out why in this article.

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#6 20 Ways to Use Photos for Engagement

Author: Jacki Van Meter,

Why read this article?

Get some inspirational ideas on the type of photo you can use on your Page to generate engagement.

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#7 Controversy Over Changes to News Feed Algorithm

Author: Jo Shaer, LollipopLocal.co.uk

Why read this article?

There has been controversy across the industry following the changes to the way content from Pages appears in users News Feeds. We think the changes are good because they target spammy memes – think ‘like this if you love your mother’. We expect the change to reward genuinely engaging and original content, to the benefit of all you expert Facebook marketers.

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