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July 19, 2013 at 4:55 pm

The Agora [Weekly] Pulse – All you need to know about Facebook marketing this week (July 19th)

facebook-marketing-newsWe found some great articles on Facebook Marketing this week. Discover how big brands are using the #hashtag, unleash the power of custom audiences using your own customer database, and learn how to customize your ads for interaction. We also look at new features, currently being tested, that could present significant marketing opportunities. We hope you enjoy this week’s roundup; if we missed anything, please let us know.


#1 Facebook Hashtags: Opportunities and Obstacles

Author: Todd Wasserman, Mashable.com

Why read this article?
So we know the big brands are using them, but what opportunities to hashtags really present? At this point in time they are not targetable with ads, and the current default privacy settings mean most users don’t make their Posts public. What does the #future hold?

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#2 Mobile App Install Ads Prove Very Cost Effective

Author: Dan Morris  Search Engine Watch

Why read this article?
The click to install (CTI) rate of Facebook mobile app install ads is proving very cost effective for developers.  The app market is highly competitive and promotion is vital to success. This article states that the CTI rate of Facebook mobile app install ads is 10 times higher than banner ads. Now that’s what we call ROI potential!

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#3 – 4 Inspiring Examples of an Engaging Facebook About Page

Author: Andrea Vahl

Why read this article?
Most of us don’t pay enough attention to our “About” section on our Facebook page. Andrea did the hard work for us by spotting the pages that do it right so we can make our own about section look great in minutes!

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#4 STUDY: Facebook beating out niche sites for local search

Author: Justin Lafferty, Inside Facebook

Why read this article?
Local businesses are always looking for efficient ways to market their business locally. Google is still the king of the jungle in that area, but a recent study shows that Facebook is raising fast and already beating niche sites such as tripadvisor and getting close to Yellow Pages and local directories.

<<If you are a local business, read this! 


#5 New Graph Search and Concerns for Privacy

Author: Caitlin McGarry, TechHive

Why read this article?
Last week Facebook started rolling out Graph Search to US users, so this week we look at it in more detail.  Graph Search sounds like a great idea in theory, but how useful is it really? This article finds that the potential is there, the functionality needs work, and the concerns for privacy are real.  Do you want a photo you hid in your Timeline, or a dodgy Page you Liked, to appear in Graph Search results? We sure don’t…

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#6 Facebook Gifts – Coming Soon

Author: Devin Coldewey, Today.com

Why read this article?
The ideas behind Facebook’s proposed new Gift Card seem pretty cool. A Friend buys you a Gift on Facebook and then Facebook sends you out your Gift Card. Once you have a Card it can store multiple gift balances for multiple retailers. This initiative has lots of potential for Brands on Facebook. The card is rolling out gradually in the US.

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#7 Avoid Photo Views as ‘Action’ When Optimizing Ads

Author: Brian Carter, for Jon Loomer Digital

Why read this article?
Photo views are NOT an action. Likes, Shares and Comments are where the real interaction is.  These are the metrics we use to measure engagement.  So how do you analyze the data in Ads Manager to make sure your ads are optimized for these actions and not photo views?

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#8 Turn Your Client Database into a Custom Audience

Author: Jon Loomer, for Social Media Examiner

Why read this article?
Most businesses put a lot of time and effort into developing a comprehensive customer database. It is one of their most valuable assets.  Did you know that you can put this database to use on Facebook without any privacy concerns? Find out how to use your customer database to build a custom audience and target customers who are not Fans of your Page.

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Did we leave anything out? Why not let us know what you think of this week’s roundup? “Like” us on Facebook and leave your comments and if you would like to know more about your page reach, check out our cool [free] Facebook Statistics tool

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