Written by Emeric Ernoult

April 30, 2013 at 4:20 pm

The Agora [Weekly] Pulse – All you need to know about Facebook marketing this week (April 26)


This week’s hot topic is the change that Facebook has made to promoted posts. Facebook marketers no longer have the option to promote to ‘fans only’. Is promoting to ‘friends of fans’ spam and how will it affect your Edgerank?

Wildfire announced that they would be retiring their basic, standard and premium promotions at the end of June. We find out how to optimize your Facebook page for Graph Search, we discover more about the value of a Facebook fan, and the importance of following up your Facebook ads with a strategy that drives organic exposure.

#1 how the new promoted posts default can negatively affect Edgerank
Scott Ayers offers his views on promoting posts to friends of fans. Want to find a way around this new setting and preserve your Edegrank? – find out how. Personnaly, this change is killing it for me. As a BtoB company, I will NEVER promote one of my post to my fans’ friends… Does not make any sense…

#2 Wildfire and their move towards enterprise level relationships
In Jon Loomer’s blog article, “Alternatives to Wildfire and NorthSocial for Facebook Page Applications”, he recommends AgoraPulse for Facebook insights analysis. Smart recommendation 😉

#3 optimize your fan page for social search
Facebook launched Graph Search in January, signalling a whole new era of social search. Find out how to optimize your fan page here.

#4 putting a dollar value on a Facebook fan
According to Social Media Marketing firm Syncapse, the average value of a Facebook fan is $174.17. Not sure these finding apply to the rest of us, but you probably want to see for yourself: read the full article

#6 Paid or Organic? Why you may  eed to invest more in Facebook content than Facebook ads
Facebook ads are beneficial, but paid results on Facebook can be much less effective than organic results. This is a great article from Jim Tobin whom I met in Tampa at the Social Fresh conference. An article you should definitely read.

There were some big changes in Facebook marketing this week. Why not let us know what you think? “Like” us on Facebook and leave your comments and if you would like to know more about your page reach, check out our cool [free] tool

Emeric Ernoult

Emeric is the co-founder of Agorapulse, a social media management tool used by more than 11,000 businesses across 180 countries. As a social media marketing pioneer, Emeric has advised well-known international brands such as Virgin, FIA and Microsoft, among others. In his spare time, Emeric loves to kitesurf and fly drones. Check out his Medium blog to hear about his tales in entrepreneurship.  

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