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July 5, 2013 at 4:14 pm

The Agora [Weekly] Pulse – All you need to know about Facebook marketing this week (July 5th)

facebook-marketing-newsWe are happy to report that it is mainly good news in the world of Facebook marketing this week. The big news is the change to Facebook guidelines on cover photos; the 20% text rule is no more. Other important news for Facebook marketers is the changes to Ads Manager reports which, when used correctly, could significantly reduce the time and cost of campaign ad testing. We also take a guided tour of the new Facebook Insights. We hope to bring you more good news and helpful tips next week!

#1 More Text Allowed on Cover Photos

Author: Quinton O’Reilly, Simply Zesty
Why read this article?

The 20% text rule for Facebook cover photos is no more! Facebook updated its guidelines on the 1st of July and made no mention of the rule that has long frustrated marketers. It was always difficult to measure and even harder to enforce. We think marketers will be happy to see it go!

>> Take a look

#2 An In-depth Look at Facebook’s New Page Insights

Author: Stephane Allard, WiseMetrics
Why read this article?

Facebook announced that it would be progressively rolling out a new version of Page Insights. Here we uncover an in-depth analysis of how it looks and what new functionality it provides. We can’t wait to dive in a give it a try!

>> Useful Insights here

#3 New Reports Mean Better Testing For Campaign Ads

Author: Guest Post, Inside Facebook
Why read this article?

The new Facebook ads manager reports can help marketers to reduce the amount of time and budget spent on testing ads for Facebook Campaigns. These reports will be a valuable resource for marketers running campaigns on Facebook, helping them to product better, more targeted ads.

>> Give it a try

#4 What Exactly is ‘People Talking About This’?

Author: Scott Ayres, Post Planner
Why read this article?

People Talking About This – PTAT, can be a tricky metric to understand. We think it is very important for Page admins to know exactly how this publicly visible metric is calculated. Scott Ayres breaks down activity what is (And is not), covered in PTAT.

>> Find out here

#5 Fan-tastic! How to Get 1000 Fans for Your Page

Author: Jo Barnes for Jeffbullas.com
Why read this article?

Get some great ideas on how to drive Fans to your Facebook Page. Let’s be honest it’s not easy building up a fan base from scratch, so every little helps!

>> Help is here

#6 A Physical Facebook ‘Like’ Counter For SME’s

Author: Quinton O’Reilly, Simply Zesty
Why read this article?

It’s called a Fliike and it brings the virtual to life – well, the small but important part of the virtual world that is the number of Likes on your Facebook Page.

>> Take a look

#7 Facebook Tests New Ad Unit on Mobile

Author: Justin Lafferty, Inside Facebook
Why read this article?

Facebook is testing a new Gift ad unit on mobile devices. This involves two elements, sponsored apps in the bookmark bar and also birthday notifications in the mobile News Feed, accompanied by a prompt to buy that person a Gift.

>> Find out more

#8 Who Won the PTAT Battle at Wimbledon?

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook
Why read this article?

Some of the major players may have been knocked out early; but who won the title of ‘most talked about’ at Wimbledon?

>> Latest scores here

#9 Facebook Android App Phone Number Bug Fix

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook
Why read this article?

Facebook has announced that it will be fixing the bug in its next Android update, and that it has deleted the phone numbers from its servers.

>> Read more

#10 Emoticons for Facebook Chat Now on Web

Author: Stan Schroeder, Mashable.com
Why read this article?

Facebook stickers are the extra- large emoticons in Facebook Chat. They are free and they are now available on the web.

>> Check them out 😉

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