The Agora [Weekly] Pulse – All you need to know about Facebook marketing this week (June 14th)

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facebook-marketing-newsThe big announcement this week was the addition of clickable hashtags to Facebook. The addition has been expected for some time now, as Facebook attempts to move into the real time content broadcasting space. Facebook users will now be able to join conversations about popular events, people and topics.


#1 Facebook introduces #hashtags

Author: Emil Protalinski The Next Web
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Although not unexpected, this is a major new development for Facebook. Your brand Pages will be able to contribute to topical issues and stories, how will you benefit?

>> #FacebookHashtag

#2 Recruit Genuine Fans with Facebook Contest

Author: Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse
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Avoid the competition junkies and attract genuine Fans to your Page with a strategic Facebook contest. Done correctly you will be the winner in the long run!

>> attract real fans here

#3 Are People Really Influenced by Friends’ Likes?

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook

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Facebook marketers have long relied on Friends of Fans as a way of reaching a new audience and potential customers. We have to ask ourselves to what extent are social media users really influenced by what their friends ‘Like’?

>> Find out here

#4 What Type of Facebook Ad Offers the Best Value?

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook
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Advertising on Facebook has become a necessity in order for your content to reach your Fans. As the cost of advertising increases, it is useful to know where the best value is to be found.
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#5 9 Pillars of a Great Facebook Community

Author: Andrea Vahl,

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Engaging with your community is vital to the success of your brand on Facebook. Deciding on the best way to do that is less straight forward – particularly when there are several managers involved.

>> Get some tips here

#6 People Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Fan Types

Author: Scott Ayres, Post Planner

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There are many different types of Fan on Facebook, from the casual observer to the ardent supporter. When it comes to your content one size definitely does not fit all. Get some tips for targeting each Fan type.

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#7 Make the Smart Move with Mobile Ads

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital
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Find out how to get your ads into mobile news feeds. They have better CTR’s and generate more Likes. Sounds like a (Facebook marketing) plan!

>> Here’s how

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