Written by Emeric Ernoult

June 28, 2013 at 3:18 pm

The Agora [Weekly] Pulse – All you need to know about Facebook marketing this week (June 28th)

This week we look at some tips and tools for effective Facebook advertising and find out how to avoid becoming a hashtag douchebag. Facebook Offers may not be available as a feature for much longer, so we also look at a great 3rd party app to deliver discount vouchers.

#1 Facebook Offers to Go? What’s the Alternative?

Author: Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse
Why read this article?

It appears that Facebook Offers may soon be unavailable; this means that the only solution for marketers will be a third party application. Thankfully Agora Pulse has a great Facebook App to deliver discount coupons directly to your Fans, and to effectively track the results.

>> Take a look

#2 Newsfeed Ads Vs. Sidebar Ads, Which Work Best?

Author: Justin Lafferty, Inside Facebook
Why read this article?

A study has shown that a well-constructed Newsfeed ad with the right images and copy can have 26 times the return on investment of a Sidebar ad. Nonetheless, Sidebar ads can be a cost effective solution for building brand awareness, despite a low CTR.

>> Read the full article here

#3 Fans Come in Seven Varieties

Author: Guest Post, Inside Facebook
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According to this post there are seven different types of Facebook Fan that Like and interact with business Pages. See what types of Fans they have identified and find out how to connect with them on your Page?

>> What types are there?

#4 Why People ‘Like’ Brands on Facebook?

Author: Todd Wasserman, Mashable.com
Why read this article?

Do you know what motivates people to ‘Like’ brands on Facebook? Here are some insights that may help you to choose the best type of ads to promote your Page.

>> Get some insights here

#5 Are You the Voice of Your Business?

Author: Scott Ayres, Post Planner
Why read this article?

If you are, how should you use your personal Profile to promote your business? Some tips on how to manage the Profile/Page conundrum if you and your business are one and the same.

>> Find out more here

#6 Hashtag ‘Netiquette’

Author: Scott Ayres, Post Planner
Why read this article?

Since hashtags became clickable there has been a virtual tsunami of them in Facebook Posts. What is the ‘netiquette’ for hashtag use on Facebook? Scott Ayres shares tips on how to avoid overusing them and becoming a ‘#douchebag’

>> Avoid #overuse

#7 Advanced Facebook Marketing Tools

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital
Why read this article?

Unleash the power of Facebook for your brand or business with these 10 advanced Facebook Ads tools and tips on how to use them.

>> Here’s how

#8 When Social Marketing Meets Social Reform

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook
Why read this article?

Last year Oreo’s posted a picture on their Facebook Page in support of gay pride. The response, both positive and negative was phenomenal. This year Grey Poupon (mustard) has posted a thought provoking photo in support of gay pride. What happens when brands use social media marketing to highlight social issues?

>> Insight here

Did we leave anything out? Why not let us know what you think of this week’s roundup? “Like” us on Facebook and leave your comments and if you would like to know more about your page reach, check out our cool [free] tool

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