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May 24, 2013 at 4:04 pm

The Agora [Weekly] Pulse – All you need to know about Facebook marketing this week (May 24th)

facebook-marketing-newsThis week we concentrate on Facebook Offers – now available on Android and still costing too much. We get the inside scoop on Facebook Insights and take a look at the effects of the bug in Viral Reach statistics. We also have some great practical advice for all Facebook Marketers.


#1 Facebook Insights – The Inside Story

Author: Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse

Why read this article?

Take a look inside the marketing data available through Facebook Insights. Find out what each of the metrics mean and how they relate to performance. There are also some expert tips on where the best information is to be found, because you know Facebook have hidden the best stuff away right?

>> Take a look

#2 Jon’s Six Commandments for Facebook Marketers

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital

Why read this article?

Every Facebook marketer needs to find out what works for their Page. What works for some, will not work for others. There is no ‘one size fits all’ Facebook marketing strategy but there are some common practices that are universally flawed. Follow Jon on the path to Facebook enlightenment.

>> Read the full article here

#3 Offers + Promote Later = Gone. What Now?

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital

Why read this article?

The option to use Jon’s previous workaround to manage the cost of promoting Offers has disappeared. Never fear – he has another solution – thanks Jon!

>> Read the full article here

#4 Facebook Offers Mobilized for Android

Author: Justin Lafferty, All Facebook

Why read this article?

Facebook Offers were made available on the iOS platform at the end of April. Facebook have now launched Offers for Android. This is an important development for Facebook Marketers as their target markets become more ‘mobile’ online.

>> SMART marketers read this

#5 Did Reach Statistics Leave You Cold This Winter?

Author: Emeric Ernoult, AgoraPulse

Why read this article?

Facebook Reach statistics took a significant hit last September – it must have been caused by the change of season – the affect only applied to Viral! Facebook corrected this ‘bug’ at the end of February so Page owners should have seen an increase in Viral Reach since then. How did this affect your pages?

>> Reach your own conclusions

#6 Back to Basics – How to Change Your Page Name

Author: Andrea Vahl, AndreaVahl.com

Why read this article?

The name you choose for your Facebook Page is fundamentally important, but what if it was set up incorrectly and you need to change it? Andrea Vahl has the answers.

>> Change your name here

#7 Facebook is Promoting Promoted Posts

Author: Brittany Darwell, Inside Facebook

Why read this article?

Facebook are using a variety of methods to encourage Page owners to use the Promoted Posts feature. It seems Facebook are testing their own ‘Facebook Marketing’ to see what works best. A lesson for us all no doubt!

>> Here’s how

#8 How What We ‘Like’ Affects What We Watch?

Author: David Cohen, All Facebook

Why read this article?

This is an interesting study by Viacom about the influence of social media on the TV shows that we choose to watch. Some of the results may surprise you!

>> Tune in here

#9 What Would You Change about Facebook?

Author: Justin Lafferty, All Facebook

Why read this article?

Facebook are constantly pushing updates and let’s face it, there is always room for improvement. As Facebook marketers some changes we like, some we don’t. Here are five changes that could make Facebook better, do you agree?

>> Constructive criticism here

Did we leave anything out? Why not let us know what you think of this week’s roundup? “Like” us on Facebook and leave your comments and if you would like to know more about your page reach, check out our cool [free] tool

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