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November 29, 2013 at 6:32 pm

Facebook marketing weekly review (November 29nd)


This week Jon Loomer shares his favourite Facebook marketing and advertising tools with us – they should go a long way towards making 2014 more productive. Speaking of 2014, we also take a look at what the trends in Facebook advertising are likely to be. Many of us are working on our marketing plans for next year, so we examine timeline contests to see how they can work for your Page.

#1 7 Important Considerations for Timeline Contests

Author: Emeric Ernoult AgoraPulse
Why read this article?
The rules relating to running promotions on your Facebook Timeline changed at the end of August, yet many Facebook marketers have not changed the way they go about running this type of contest. We still see countless ‘like and share’ contests, which remain in contravention of Facebook rules. Find how to run a contest on your timeline, and the type of results that you can expect from your endeavours.

What’s the PULSE on This?
• Timeline contests are a great way to engage with your fans, but the new rules still prohibit you from asking fans to share posts or tag friends – despite what you might have heard!
• Make sure that you are following the state laws of whatever country you are in. In France contests must be registered with a notary public!
• Always release Facebook from any liability – this is a fundamental requirement
• Cheaters are common on contests. If your fans spot them be ready to deal with it and respond to any concerns they may have.
• Big fan base? The bigger the fan base, the harder timeline contests are to manage. Make sure you have the time and resources to run the contest fairly
• Timeline contests won’t let you collect subscribers or give you information about your contestants. Be clear about what the goal of your timeline contest is.

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#2 What New Contest Rules Mean for Your Page

Author: Andrea Vahl, AndreaVahl.com
Why read this article?
We are all familiar with the new contest rules having read Emeric’s blog post right? Now that we know what the new rules are – find out how to leverage timeline contests to engage with fans on your Facebook Page.

What’s the PULSE on This?
• If you have a smaller business page timeline contests are a great way to engage your new fans.
• You must publish your T&C’s – use the notes section on your Facebook page, an app or a page from your website, and include a link to it in your post.
• It’s more difficult to notify the winners of a timeline contest – you need to tag them in the original post and you will be relying on them to get back to you with contact details.
• Pin your post to the top so that if fans do visit your Page they will see the contest straight away.

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#3 How to Go from Zero to 500K Likes with No Ads!

Author: Scott Ayres, Post Planner
Why read this article?
Before EdgeRank and Facebook advertising and the IPO it was definitely possible for a Page to go viral. I am sure that all you Facebook Marketers will be happy to know that it is still possible to get to 500,000 likes without spending any money on advertising. Let’s find out how….

What’s the PULSE on This?
• Driving traffic from other Pages & sources is a great way to introduce like-minded fans to a new Facebook page.
• Run a range of promotions & giveaways to get your fans excited.
• Always use unique and engaging content. What stands out for us in this article is that every photo the Page admins used was branded with the company logo and name.
• Cross promote with other related Pages to increase your fan count. Running promotions on other Pages is a good way to attract likeminded fans.
• Post regularly, perhaps every 3-4 hours to start with and then every 1-2 hours as your fan base grows. Make sure your fans love your content.
• Use a voice that your fans will identify with.

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#4 37 Awesome Facebook Marketing Tools

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital
Why read this article?
There are hundreds, if not thousands of tools on the market that can help you with your Facebook marketing and advertising. Thanks to Jon for sharing his favourites with us – we hope you find them useful too.
What’s the PULSE on This?
• If you are just starting out and have a limited budget, Jon has an extensive list of tools (some of them free) that will be of huge value while you are building your Facebook empire

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#5 What’s in Store for Facebook Advertising in 2014

Author: Justin Lafferty, Inside Facebook

Why read this article?
Take a look into the future and find out what is in store for Facebook advertising in 2014. It is always important to stay up to date with future trends. This should be very useful as you develop your marketing plans for the coming year.

What’s the PULSE on This?

• Facebook Ads are always improving to allow marketers to reach anyone anywhere and on a range of different devices.
• Research is key, focus your social dollar on the device that your target fans are using, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.
• The power of Facebook advertising lies in the ability to identify where you reached your target fan and at what point that fan converted
• Video ads will be an increasing trend in 2014 – Are you ready?

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#6 How to Get the Right Type of Fans for Your Page

Author: Mike Gingerich for Post Planner

Why read this article?
Your business will reap huge rewards by identifying the best type of fans for your Page. This is a fact, no matter what type of business you have, how many fans your Page has or how long you’ve been marketing on Facebook. So how do you identify the right kind of fan, and once you have, how to you attract them to like and engage with your Page?

What’s the PULSE on This?

• Research demographics and online behaviour by split testing different tactics to drive engagement.
• Learn as much as you can about your current fan base and decide who you want as your fans
• Decide what your goals are – drive revenue, lifestyle, fun, information
• Be sure you know what your fans like and create more of that content. Engage with your community.

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