Written by Karl Steinmeyer

November 4, 2013 at 7:01 pm

How to use your Facebook Page for Crowdfunding Success

I won’t bore you with some impressive Facebook user statistics or the latest stock numbers. At this point we all know that Facebook is a juggernaut in the industry and if you choose to ignore it as a potential source of leads for your business, then hopefully your competitors are too. Because if they are utilizing the platform to it capabilities, it won’t be long before you notice your market share dropping.

1. Build up engagement. Ask questions, gather feedback, and find your 100 true fans. Famous authors like Seth Godin and Tim Ferris have written about the importance of bringing your audience to support your campaign. Not the other way around.

“If you’re thinking about skipping the permission step when you build your campaign, please reconsider. This is the one and best secret of Kickstarter.” -Seth Godin

2. Events- Launching your campaign is an event. Your audience is spread over multiple area codes and countries. So throwing a party in your garage or local pub might not extend the reach you would like or need. Allow your friends and family to share your event with their friends by removing some of the friction for them in advance. Make your event memorable and repeatable. And then go back to step #1 again.

3. Contests-  Crafting a good contest on Facebook might seem confusing at first. The rules change frequently.  And in my opinion, this is a good thing. Why? Because it raises the barrier of entry so any joe-blow can’t easily copy your success. This shouldn’t stop you, however, because if you are reading this then you are the type of person that takes action and laughs at resistance. Go through yourself a good Facebook Contest and start building the audience that is going to support your Crowdfunding campaign.

4. Updates – These can be optimized for the times of the day that most of your audience is logged on. Also, if the space is crowded, I would flip this and optimize it for the times of the day that are the least noisy. “But can’t I update my audience directly from the crowdfunding platform that I am on?” That depends. A Backer get updates after supporting your effort and someone that has chosen to star or watch your project. So why not update your audience on Facebook with milestones and stretch goals that provide the social proof that might move some of the audience members into the supporters category? This is called a nudge.

5. Behind the scenes specials – Bloopers, edits, and mistakes are what makes us human. And it’s the human connection that ultimately is going to make your project a success or a failure. Let people in, and they will let you succeed.

For extra credit, I will throw a challenge at you. This stuff can be serious, and should be taken seriously when crafting a badass-plan-action. Add in some elements of Gamification to your contests and campaigns. Not only does this help with spreading your message further, it will step up your game.


To your crowdfunding success,

Karl Steinmeyer

Karl Steinmeyer

Husband, Dad, and Biker. Karl is passionate about the opportunities that the world of crowdfunding opens up. He writes about his experiences and shares his insights here: http://kickstartyourjourney.com

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