Written by Richard Beeson

September 2, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Facebook Page Performances by Industry (August, 2013)

Here is our Facebook Page Performance benchmark by industry for the month of August!

In this issue of the benchmark, we have focused on 8 new industries:

    • o

    • Clothing


    • Music


    • Landmark


    • Telecommunications


    • Movie


    • Retail and Consumer Merchandise


    • Vitamins / Supplements


  • Health & Beauty

If the clothing and music industries have the biggest pages on average (respectively 185,000 and 172,000 fans), Vitamins & Supplements pages have the highest fan reach with almost 35% of fans reached with every posts.

The clothing industry is winning the race on engagement with a stunning 8% of reached fans engaged per post. I did not expect that industry to beat musicians or movies, but it did!

However, when it comes to the percentage of storytellers (likes, comments and shares on the post), landmarks, movies, and musicians take the lead with, respectively, 3%, 2.8 and 2.6% of fans reached.

The clothing industry is better at getting clicks on the content, but movies and musicians get more reactions. Makes sense.

Concerning this month’s battle, Movies vs. TV shows, if movies have more fans than TV Shows on average, they have approximately the same level of engagement per post. Movies get a lot more viral effect though, as if people were more inclined to share their love of their favorite movies rather than for their favorite TV shows…
If you want to post this infographic too!


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Richard Beeson

Richard is a Client Happiness Jedi for Agorapulse, based out of San Francisco and Paris, advising agencies and brands across the globe on Facebook page management and marketing. He sings Bachata in the shower and dances salsa 3x a week whether he needs it or not.

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