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Written by Jessika Phillips

October 18, 2016 at 1:41 pm

Social Media Budget Tips for Those Who Don’t Want to Wing It

social media budgetAs a marketing agency, we’ve learned that social media marketing isn’t free. We need a solid social media budget that allows for content creation, scheduling tools, graphic design, and advertising.

It’s time to make a checklist and start checking off each item one by one to maximize your budget. Let’s begin!

1. Estimate your hands on deck

When trying to plan a monthly social media budget for any client it is important to understand their needs. Do they need one account manager or do they need a team of people to help? Yes, more often than not every account manager helps manage each account but it is important to assess the time that will be needed to manage each particular client so that it can be figured into the monthly or yearly retainer for the client.

When a client knows how much time is needed to be successful on social media, they are more likely to understand that it is more than just making a few Facebook posts.

2. Allow for content creation dollars

We’ve all heard the statement that “content is king,” so how much time will your team spend on content creation? Depending what’s all needed by a client, content creation is not just limited to social media content, but website content, blog content, press releases, video scripts and so on.

Looking back on a client’s SMART goals will tell you what the content needs to do. If the goal of the content is to drive people back to the website then you are able to create an action plan. This helps you as the agency define how many hours and account managers will be needed to write content.

Stressing the importance of content to new clients will help them see the need for great content.

teams and agencies

3. Make room for social ad campaigns

When signing on a new client it is important to explain the need for a social media ad budget. With the algorithms continuing to change across all platforms it is more important than ever to put some money behind your social media content.

More often than not, business pages are losing eyes on their content and the cheapest most efficient way to get those eyeballs back are through the use of Facebook ads.

You are able to create engaging campaigns to build up your fan base, set ads to direct users back to your website, and just create brand awareness.

social media budgetWith Facebook ads you are able to get a very inexpensive CPC, great impressions, and demographic-specific targeting. What’s not to love?

social media ad budgetWith everyone streaming their favorite television shows and skipping commercials with the help of DVR, social media ad campaigns are more effective than ever. With everyone carrying a computer in their pocket, the quickest and cheapest way to grab their attention is with social media ads. After all, isn’t that where we spend all our free time?

teams and agencies

4. Include an affordable  social media management tool

When you want to build an effective marketing campaign you need the right tools! There are tons of marketing tools in the shed, but you must ensure that you are providing your clients with the right tools for their needs so there is no wasted money in their social media budget.

Most people who don’t know the ins and outs of a marketing agency think there is not much to social media management, but there is so much more than people realize. That is why you must choose the right social media management tool to build a solid foundation for your brand to stand on.

We tend to favor Agorapulse because of its ability to manage multiple clients and accounts for agencies. You want to make sure that whatever social media management tool you decide to use has the ability to easily monitor, report, and schedule for all of your clients.

social media tool budgetIan Anderson Gray of Seriously Social has a handy tool to help agencies and social media managers decide which social media management tool best fits their team, workload, and budget.

Brought to you by Seriously Social with Ian Anderson Gray

If you have social media budget tips that save you time and money, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


Jessika Phillips

"Young Influencer of the Year" by the Young Professionals. Jessika is on a mission to return relationships to the forefront of business marketing. As a social media strategist, Jessika founded NOW Marketing Group in 2010 and built the company by offering free social media training workshops online and within her community. She is known for her outspoken dedication to Relationship Marketing. Jessika’s quote “Relationships will always be more powerful than marketing,” is often used to explain why it’s important to build a “know, like and trust,” base to connect with Buyer Personas. Starting with a laptop and a vision, Jessika has grown her agency to become a Gold Hubspot partner who has worked with over 100 clients internationally. As a relationship marketing evangelist, she founded The Relationship Marketing System, an online membership site that provides videos articles and worksheets to help businesses learn the art of growing repeat referral business. Jessika teaches comprehensive Relationship Marketing and hosts weekly show #MagnetMarketers and Relationships ROI which focuses on becoming a magnet vs. a bullhorn while growing relationships and ROI in business.

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