Written by Lilach Bullock

May 30, 2016 at 10:33 am

How a Social Media Dashboard Like Agorapulse Can Help Agencies Stay Sane 

Agencies might have knowledge and experience in the most effective social media marketing techniques. They might also have the time and resources needed to keep on top of the latest trends and developments in social.

But how good are agencies at managing a slew of third-party social media accounts for a host of demanding clients?

This can cause even the most social-savvy online agencies to question their sanity.

Luckily, a comprehensive social media dashboard like Agorapulse can make the whole process far more manageable. What follows is a list of three of the most common problems agencies face and details of how Agorapulse can alleviate them.

Feeling Lost Among Your Clients’ Channels

Social media is fast paced and dynamic. To be effective, social media managers are required to

  • create, schedule, and publish high-quality content regularly
  • respond to audience interactions in a timely manner (77 percent of consumers won’t wait more than seven hours for a response!)
  • and collect, analyze, and learn from important data and analytics.

Doing this for one account is a big enough job. When working on multiple client accounts simultaneously, the task can seem nearly impossible.

The Agorapulse social media dashboard has been designed specifically to help agencies and those managing a number of different accounts at the same time. In Agorapulse, all of a client’s accounts from one place, eliminating the need to constantly log in and out of all those native platforms.

With its easy to navigate dashboard, users are able to hop among client pages quickly and easily, whilst keeping their activities on each entirely separate. This helps to keep things simple and prevents posting content to the wrong page as well as other potentially embarrassing gaffes.

social media dashboard

Additionally, Agorapulse’s Inbox Zero improves your response time to audience interactions and prevents messages building up by aggregating all audience interactions for each account and gives you the ability to review and respond to each from one place.

Agorapulse also makes it easy to create and schedule new content with features such as with its requeuing option for evergreen tweets. Many agencies pay for an extra tool to requeue tweets — with Agorapulse, this feature is included in all its plans.

social media dashboard example

Save time by requeuing your evergreen content to Twitter as many times as you’d like. (I chose 10 times for this example.)

Having Multiple People Working on the Same Account

Managing a client’s social presence as a team has its benefits. However, it can also create some unique problems of its own – posting the same content twice, responding to messages more than once, doubling up content for scheduling, and so on.

Agorapulse has been designed to facilitate teamwork to avoid these problems.

To start, users can flag or redirect comments or posts to the appropriate team member – and they can accompany these with a message to put the redirected comment or post in context or to communicate specific information pertaining to it.

social media dashboard


Additionally, users can set moderation rules so that time-stealing jobs (such as responding to direct messages) can be automated (click here to see Agorapulse’s auto DM tutorial for Twitter).

(Does your social media dashboard get rid of auto DMs?)

Twitter moderation rules

In order to see who’s really pulling their weight, Agorapulse Reports tell you which team members are performing best and which are the most engaged with their client’s social media communities.

community management tool


Proving ROI to Your Client

Social media ROI is a contentious topic for many agencies. In truth, most know that what they’re doing is getting results; but proving that a positive relationship exists between a company’s social media activities and its revenue has, until now, been a difficult task. And the difficulty associated with proving social media ROI has often been at the center of disagreements between clients and agencies.

However, Agorapulse’s customizable reports show in detail just how various social media activities work have contributed to growing a client’s audience.

Agorapulse reports

Agencies can also use the reports to show that they’re improving engagement levels and generating brand awareness for their clients.

Agorapulse reports

Will You Choose the Right Social Media Dashboard for Your Agency?

Agencies need to be equipped with the best tools to get the job done. And that means having a tool that enables collaboration, facilitates creativity, and ensures that it stays relevant with regular updates and improvements. With its ambition to make social media management as simple and effective as it can be, Agorapulse does all of these things. And it does so at a very reasonable price.

teams and agenciesWhat social media dashboard are you using for your agency? How does that tool help you be more efficient?


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