Written by April Heavens-Woodcock

April 28, 2016 at 4:51 pm

Does Your Company Need a Social Media Dashboard?

Do you know who your biggest fans and influencers are?

What about how well your content performs on your various social media platforms?

If you struggle to answer these questions, it’s time to organize your social media presence with a professional social media dashboard.

A well-designed social media dashboard can answer all these questions and do even more for your business. More companies are now using more than one social media platform to raise brand awareness among their potential customers and clients.

How Social Media Dashboards Help Your Business

A social media dashboard is both a management and analytics tool for your various social media platforms. It will allow you to gather data from these diverse platforms and ideally help you grow your business. No matter how large or small your business; understanding social media data is becoming more important than ever. If you do not understand your social media stats, improving your business will be difficult. As Peter Drucker famously declared: What gets measured gets improved.

Here are five important reasons you need to consider integrating a social media dashboard into your business.

 Save time. A good social media dashboard will save either you or your employees time by putting all your social media accounts in a single location. Here, I have the ability to check in on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts from one dashboard — no logging in and out needed.



Automate key tasks. Along the lines of saving time, simple tasks such as moderation of content should be automated whenever possible, allowing you to focus on more complex tasks like content creation. Automated tools on your dashboard allow you to schedule and publish your content at the time that is most effective for that particular style of content.

social media dashboard

A good social media dashboard will provide you with a way to easily see and schedule upcoming posts on your social channels.

Respond much easier. When people want to talk to you about your business, you need to respond. If you don’t, you lose potential customers and annoy possible influencers. After all, isn’t the point of social media is to be social?

A good social media dashboard will capture all those comments, tweets and messages about your brand and notify you.

social media dashboard
Crush that inbox. A proper social media dashboard will give you options on how to quickly handle all those messages, tweets and comments. Every interaction from every social media platform can be reviewed and filtered quickly. This allows you to take action on the most important comments, tweets and messages.

Quickly reducing the amount of comments in your inbox is a must for any time-sensitive business.


social media dashboard

Understand your data. All your social media platforms provide data. A social media dashboard will analyze this data and generate it into a simple reporting method which you can peruse at any time.

The best social media dashboards can even provide data in terms of how your social media compares to your closest competitors. This kind of data can provide your business an edge over those same competitors.



Many social media dashboards exist but they are not all created equal.

I was once a die-hard Hootsuite user and often recommended it to others until I found Agorapulse last year. I appreciate the way the dashboard it set up. The tabs within the tool are visually appealing but also easy to find what you are looking to accomplish.


teams and agencies

Using a social media dashboard for myself and my team eliminates noise from the day to day social media, maximizes our time and efficiency, enables us to be better listeners of our audience and provide better overall customer service. If you are not using a social media dashboard tool, there is no time like the present to jump on and test drive one for your business!

Do you use a dashboard? What tool do you use? What is the biggest value it brings to you and your business? Let us mknow in the comments!

PS. Definitely test drive my favorite tool Agorapulse with a free trial today!

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