Written by Lisa Kalner Williams

October 24, 2017 at 8:27 am

What the Social Media Lab Has Brewed This October

Did you know that we here at Agorapulse have a Social Media Lab dedicated to applying the scientific method to social media marketing “best practices?”



Each week, we present our findings on social media managers’ pressing questions about social media marketing. Here’s what we revealed last month.

1. Is it Better to Send Quora Ads Traffic to a Blog Post or a Landing Page?

Quora ads are now a thing.

Luckily, they are not intrusive like other social ads and their content is not as spammy as you’ve seen elsewhere.

So if Quora ads are legit, where should you maximize your investment there — should you encourage people to click through to a particular piece of content (like a blog post) or a more sales-oriented landing page?

Quora Ads Hypothesis

Our hypothesis was that Quora readers are more likely to take action on a landing page than a blog post. Were we right? Find out here.

2. Facebook Live: Is it Worth the Effort Compared to Other Post Types?

Facebook Live broadcasts can be fun to engage audiences — but do they have the reach of say, traditional video posts on a business page? We hypothesized that while Facebook Live might bring in greater reach than an uploaded video, it won’t be as successful reach-wise as a photo or link post. Did we nail it? Find out here.

3. Which Really Converts Website Visitors: Facebook Ads or Google Display Network?

There are Facebook Ad fans and there are Google Ad fans. It reminds me of where I grew up — you were either a New York Yankees fan or a New York Mets fan. You can go decades believing you like the better team until a Subway Series between the two teams proves you right or wrong.

Our latest paid marketing experiment became that “Subway Series” of the two online advertising giants.

Facebook GDN Hypothesis

We went into the experiment testing free trial offers of our social media marketing tool with the hunch that there wouldn’t be a substantial cost difference between Facebook and the Google Display Network. Were we way off base? Find out here.

4. Does an Instagram Business Account Help Your Posts Get Greater Reach?

There are indeed advantages to converting your Instagram account to a business page — but is “reach” one of those perks?


You’ll have to swing by Social Media Lab to find out!

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Lisa Kalner Williams

Lisa Kalner Williams is the Lead Social Media Strategist for Sierra Tierra Marketing and the Content Marketing Director for Agorapulse. You might see her speaking across the country on how to better market using Instagram.

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