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Written by Jon Loomer

April 15, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Social Media Marketing World, Day 1: Mari Smith, James Wedmore, Marcus Sheridan

Earlier this week I attended Social Media Marketing World, and it absolutely lived up to the hype. I could have missed all of the sessions and still pulled away significant value based on the people I spoke with alone.

Virtually every big name you can think of spoke there. I’d list them all, but it may make more sense if I list the big names who weren’t present. Here they are…

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Okay, sorry to anyone I’m forgetting. But man. It was incredible.

What I’m going to do is recap the main takeaways from the sessions I saw. Understand that there are three or four sessions booked at a time, so I can’t comment on the ones I missed.

Mari Smith: 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Reach

You all know how I feel about focusing on Reach by now, so Mari made me a bit nervous with this title. But she provided very valuable info.

I don’t focus on Reach as a performance metric. That said, I can’t deny that reaching more of the people who want to see my content is absolutely a high priority. And that’s essentially what Mari talked about.

Thrilled that Mari made this the first item. I’ve seen far too many reports on universal best time and frequency to post, and Mari encourages brands to monitor their own stats to determine ideal timing and frequency.

2. Test Audience Targeting
Mari suggests using the post targeting option to share relevant content according to demographic.

3. Vary Content Type
Again, it’s great that Mari focuses on the individual brand here rather than providing a universal solution. Are photos, status updates or link shares most effective? Switch it up and find what works!

4. Include CTAs
A study by Dan Zarella of Hubspot says that posts that include the word “Share” get nearly double the comments, likes and shares.

5. Boost Your Response Time
According to SocialBakers, the number of questions posted to Facebook Pages is increasing while response time is an average of 13.7 hours.

6. Pay for More Reach
That’s right, promoting your content is an option!

7. Host Events
Set a specific day and time to answer Fan questions.

8. Spotlight Fans
Show your Fans that you care with Fan of the Week or Fan Page Friday features. I’m not big on these, but finding a way to show your appreciation is absolutely a good thing and can improve engagement and loyalty, which will also increase Reach.

9. Run a Contest
This can increase engagement and virality of your content if you run the right promotion!

10. Build an Interest List
Create a Facebook Interest List with relevant people and Pages to follow that will appeal to your target audience. Don’t forget to add yourself and then promote it to your Fans. This will make it more likely that your audience will see your content.

James Wedmore: How to Use YouTube to Build an Unstoppable Brand

If you’re looking to improve your video quality and presence on YouTube, this was a terrific session. James is one of the top — if not the top — authority on the topic.

James’ theme was around how YouTube is the second biggest search engine and we need to look at it as a traffic and leads driver.

Here’s an interesting quote he cited to drive that point home:

…an indexed video stands about a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first page of results than any given textual page in the index.” — Nate Elliot, Forrester Research

Want to succeed on YouTube? Then you need to “Consistently Create Relevant & Valuable Video Content with a Compelling Call to Action!”

Consistency Breeds Momentum: Create a routine for a consistent publishing schedule and the results will follow.

Optimization: Optimize your video with the following:


  • Title that includes keyword phrase at the front
  • o

  • Description that is thorough and repeats your keyword phrase
  • o

  • Tags with four to six keyword phrases
  • o

  • Transcript that is uploaded with your video and includes your keyword phrases

Some factors you may not have thought about that contribute to your search ranking on YouTube:


  • Do people stay to the end?
  • o

  • Do they rate your video?
  • o

  • Do people comment?
  • o

  • Leave video responses?

James also recommends scripting your video. But be concise, visual, conversational and use teasing and foreshadowing.

Finally, your call to action should tell your viewers what to do, whey they should do it and how to do it. It helps to use YouTube’s annotation feature and create a clickable button that drives users to your landing page.

Marcus Sheridan: How to Build a Business Blog that Grows Your Brand, Generates Leads, and Makes Sales

Marcus Sheridan

Anyone who spoke with me during or after the conference is tired of hearing me talking about Marcus. The dude freaking rocks.

The problem is that I was so into his presentation that I didn’t take a single note. But let me recap the best I can.

If you ever have an opportunity to see Marcus (AKA The Sales Lion) speak in person, take it. He is high energy. He walks up and down the aisles and involves the audience. And people love it.

This presentation was focused on a simple concept: Get more traffic, leads and sales by answering the questions of potential customers with your blog.

While it sounds simple, very few people do it. And in the case of Marcus’ swimming pool company, no one else in his industry was.

You see, four years ago, his business was failing. But he took a shot with content marketing and the rest is history.

When someone comes to your website, they want to know pricing info. They want to know how you stack up to the competition. And they want to know about the problems with your product.

Give it to them. Be honest.

The main thing is that you control the conversation. If someone doesn’t find what they feel is the full answer they’re looking for, they’ll look somewhere else.

Another example of this is writing about competitors. Marcus mentioned even giving out awards to the “top” competitors in your area, leaving your own company off of the list.

You may be surprised by the results! In his case, competitors were linking to his article driving more traffic to his site.

The results speak for themselves!

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