Written by Kristi Hines

April 29, 2014 at 9:30 am

Successful Facebook Pages: How Being Liberal Turns Tons of Content Into Stronger Organic Reach

A lot of businesses have trouble finding the time to post once per day on their Facebook account. But in the current Facebook landscape, they also have trouble actually reaching their audience organically with that one post. So what if we were to show you an example of a page that is getting lots of organic engagement through sharing content. And we are talking lots of content – upwards of 25+ posts per day.

A quick note. The page in question is a political one. But this post isn’t about politics – it’s about Facebook strategy. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, don’t miss out on the opportunity to find out what might work for your Facebook page by learning from others who are getting results.

The page we are spotlighting today is Being Liberal. Interestingly enough, their website is a blog that has been dormant since January 2013. It looks like they are fully focusing their online efforts towards updates on their Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Google+ page.

The Content Curation Strategy

The strategy Being Liberal uses for their daily updates is content curation. This is simply the process of finding great content that your target audience will enjoy and sharing it with them. When sharing content on their page, they employ several different tactics.

They post links to articles their audience would enjoy.


In addition to sharing the article link, they pull out a particular fact, add a comment, and/or ask a question to generate engagement. This allows them to add their perspective and tell their audience why they should read the article. Best of all, it usually gives their audience a reason to comment and share the post with their network.

They post images that are inspirational, controversial, and most of all, shareable.


Contrary to popular belief, image posts can still get exposure in your fans’ newsfeeds. The fact that people still love to share photos, regardless of what Facebook thinks of memes, will help boost their popularity beyond the algorithm.

They tell people to share.


Sprinkling in a call to action in the occasional post never hurts, and generally does boost the likelihood that people will share your posts. And if you are posting dozens of times per day, you could effectively have a call to action once per day.

They credit their sources.


When it comes to content curation, it’s always in your best interest to credit your sources. For starters, it will keep people from thinking you are a content thief. It also shows your audience that you are going out and making the effort to find them the best content, no matter where it comes from. I.e., instead of tooting your horn and selling all day long, you are showing your audience that in the end, brining great information to them is your goal.

As an added bonus, when you credit your source, you open the door to your source helping to promote your post.

They are open about the fact that it is a team effort.


If you go to your social media manager and tell them that you want them to post 25 times per day on Facebook (and Twitter and Google+), they are going to probably lose it. As you can see on the updates from this page, it’s not a one person job. Curating this much great content is a team effort, and each member of the team adds their own signature initial with the (W) representing the editor, and other initials representing others who are managing this page.

While this page is keeping it pretty anonymous, you can add even more of a personal touch to yours by signing posts with your name at the end of your comment.


For a Facebook page that depends purely on organic reach (no paid ads), the results really speak for themselves. They have hundreds of thousands of people talking about them according to their public stats.


Using the Agorapulse Barometer, you can see that this page gets above average engagement, viral reach, organic reach, and click through rate with each of their posts compared to the averages of over 6,500 Facebook pages.

AgoraPulse Barometer Being Liberal

Takeaways for Your Business

So why would you post so much per day? If you think about it, organic reach is now 10% (or less). So if you only post once per day, you only get one chance to reach that 10%. But if you post more often, you get more chances to reach more people. And you get more chances to hit the jackpot with a post that drives a ton of engagement.

Unless your business is politics, it’s probably wise to not get too political on your page, unless you are brining to light issues that directly affects your business and your audience. That said, here’s some good takeaways that your business can learn from the Being Liberal page.

First, you need to get to know what your audience likes. Put yourself in their head and answer the questions…


  • What blogs do they read?
  • o

  • What types of images do they like?
  • o

  • What subjects do they talk about?
  • o

  • What do they want to share with their network?

The more answers you have to these questions, the more inspiration you will have for your page posts.

Next, you will want to find people in your business who like finding content and posting it to Facebook. You can give your team the ability to post to your page, or allow your team members to submit posts for moderation before it goes live on your page (something you can do with AgoraPulse’s Facebook moderation tools. The more people in your business you invite to participate, the more content you will be able to share.

Finally, you will want to start slow when it comes to increasing the number of times you post. Don’t go from one post a week to twenty posts per day. Gradually increase your posts. Maybe start with going from one post per week to one post per day. Or one post per day to three posts per day. This way, you learn what your business can consistently keep up with, and your audience is gradually introduced to your new content schedule.

Just be sure to remember the formula for success: what your audience likes, inviting your team to find and share content, and gradually increasing the posting frequency!

Kristi Hines

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