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This week we found really detailed articles that will help you deal with fake Facebook fans and also solve the mystery of why some of your ads aren’t showing. How cool is that! We also found some good advice on how to launch a new Page with a $200 budget and some excellent examples of Cause Related Facebook marketing campaigns.

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There is a major change in Facebook policy that will come into effect in November – find out how it will influence the way you attract new fans. Do you have a team managing your Facebook and Twitter profiles? Find out more about the tool that will your life easier! Struggling to measure ROI? We have found the ultimate guide. Ever wonder how a big brand campaign is put together? Get an inside look in this week’s Pulse.

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Like gating has been one of the biggest motivations for page owners to install tabs on their Facebook pages for the last four years. There is no doubt about this. Like gating was simply the way to require participants into any type of contest or promotion run via an application to become a fan of the page before they could enter.

That was made possible by Facebook API that allows app developer to “read” Facebook’s information about the participant and see if that person was a fan of the concerned page or not. This ability is going to be removed from the API, making it technically impossible for developers to create a fan-gate mechanism. But more importantly, apart from the technical restrictions, Facebook will now forbids this requirement, effective as of November 5. Let’s have a closer look.

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This week’s Pulse features some pretty significant influencers. Find out what Kim Garst has to say about using Twitter to grow your business and the strategy Jay Bear recommends for relationship marketing. We have also found a very simple guide to getting your content seen on Facebook, which ties in nicely with the piece on how Nestle is dealing with changes in organic reach. This week also features an interesting experiment on advertising objectives. We hope you enjoy it.

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new page design

Finally, it’s rolling out to everyone: the New Facebook Page layout that was originally announced in Marc is going to be released to all pages on June 6.

It took them 3 months instead of 1 as initially announced by Facebook, probably because of the many bugs they had to fix (we spotted several serious issues in this blog post).

Now that this new layout seems to be the final one, we’ve installed it on several of our pages and made a detailed list of all the major changes that you need to be aware of. And here comes the list!

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