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mayo 14, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Las 5 Mejores Maneras de Conseguir Más Seguidores en Instagram

This article was originally written in English by Lisa Kalner Williams for Agorapulse

The question that all businesses that use Instagram, or another social network, ask is the same: “How to get more followers?

There are two ways to get followers on Instagram: the fast way and the smart way. I’ll explain how each one works:


The Fast Way to Get Followers on Instagram

La herramienta de Google Keyword Planner nos dice qué tipo de temas buscan los usuarios al buscar “Instagram”. Esto nos revela que, o buscan la cuenta de las Kardashian/Jenner, o cómo conseguir más seguidores en Instagram.

Resultados de Búsqueda Instagram - Agorapulse Español

La Manera Rápida. Si eres como la mayoría de los usuarios, pronto encontrarás varios recursos y consejos que te dirán las maneras rápidas de obtener más seguidores en esta red social. Por ejemplo:

    • usa el hashtag #f4f (follow por follow) ó #followme (sígueme) en los comentarios de los usuarios populares.
  • sigue, y momentos después, deja de seguir a usuarios populares (¿?)
  • da “Me Gusta” a, al menos, 1000 fotos que incluyan un hashtag popular.


The Way A Little Faster. Does it still sound like a lot of work? Then try an app that automates this process. If you are looking for these applications from your mobile device, you will find several options with solutions to get followers in Instagram quickly.


The fastest way. If no app convinces you, the fastest option is to pay for followers. Go to the website of a provider of these services, choose the number of followers you want and VOILÀ !, you already have many followers.

Sounds too easy to be true, what’s the catch?

This type of methods is not bad, as long as you only want thousands of followers. BUT, if your boss or your customer will soon ask you for the ROI of your efforts on Instagram and decide to apply this method … you will be in trouble! Why?

Good. In all articles, videos and web pages that offer this type of services omiten a very important word in any marketing strategy: SEGMENTED followers. What they do not tell you is:


    • Who are your followers
  • Where do your followers live
  • WHY they would be interested in your business
  • WHAT value will these followers bring to your business?


In other words, these schemes focus on the quantity and not on the quality of the followers.

If you win 10,000 Instagram followers overnight using the “quantity” methods … how many of them would be interested in your Japanese food restaurant? In your vintage clothing store? interior decoration? Very few. I assure you almost none.

There is very little chance that these users will interact with you, leaving you comments and likes on your photos or sharing your content with your friends. If someone decides to snoop on your behalf, for example your boss or client, the logical question would be “why does an account with so many followers only get 3 or 4 likes in their photos?”

If so, your credibility will be minimized.


The Smart Way to Get Followers on Instagram

Now let’s talk about how to get better followers on Instagram. Although these methods will take longer – compared to “quantity” – the promise is that you will get more relevant followers for your business and will stay with you in the long term. These users are more likely to increase your ROI in your marketing efforts. And in this method, there are 5 ways to get more followers on Instagram:


1. Monitor a hashtag in your niche to find your target audience. If you do this daily, you will not only know the trends within your industry, but you will also find people who want to know about you, if they follow you on Instagram.

So, if you’re that Japanese food restaurant in Chicago, you might want to follow these hashtags closely:


If you find a publication that captures your attention, look for more information in that user’s profile to see if it merits “follow”. If they have common interests, they will surely follow you back.

If you can, go further. Leave a comment on that post. Just make sure the comment is about the photo – and not about you. (If a user wants to know about you, they can see your profile.) A positive comment about a common interest may be enough to follow you back.

Repeat this method when possible. There are many free search tools on Instagram , whether in mobile or desktop version.

Instagram Strategy Resource Spanish

2. Monitor a hashtag in your niche to discover user-generated content. It is similar to the previous method, but to another level. You’ll be surprised to know that there are already users who publish content about your business, your products or services. And these users will be happy to allow you to share these photos with your followers … as long as you ask for their authorization kindly.

Users are flattered if a brand thinks their photo is worthy of being shared with more people. And, they are more likely to follow you to see your photo in your account. They can even share your account with your followers. This happened to Pantone, look what happened.



3. Sponsor a contest on Instagram with another brand. Partner with another Instagram user that is in your niche to make an Instagram contest in which the condition to participate is to follow both accounts. Look at the example of the RiseNY sports store and the SneakerWatch website.



This method is a win-win, but small brands can benefit more. In this example, RiseNY has more than 7,300 followers on Instagram; SneakerWatch has more than 337,000. This competition can help them to have more targeted followers, because both brands are in the sports clothing and accessories industry.


4. Publish to Instagram regularly. It may be very obvious, but we can not skip this step. Even if you are very charming, leave many comments and give away many prizes, it is very important that the value of your brand is reflected in your Instagram account. The only way to do this is to post photos and videos regularly. Be sure to include relevant hashtags in your industry (like #chicagofoodscene, for example). This makes it easier for users to find you because they share a common interest.

Manage your Instagram accounts from the same place. Start your free trial today.

5. Promote your Instagram account on multiple channels. The first to know that you have an Instagram account are your regular customers, your employees and your suppliers. These are the people you communicate with frequently! Or not? If you have a database with your emails, you can design a message where you invite them to follow you. Constant Contact  and  Mailchimp  have integration with Instagram so you can clearly see what your Instagram account is like.

The following people who should know, are the visitors to your website. It may be that through organic searches or through paid advertisements they have reached your web page. It includes a widget in which you give a taste of what they can expect if they follow you on Instagram.

Do you have a space available in your store or office? It can be a blackboard, a wall, even a mirror. Look at this example. This restaurant used the menu board to advertise their contest on Instagram. (Very generous, right?)


If you have a tangible product, consider adding more information about your Instagram account to the packaging. In this case, Domino’s used the packaging box to invite customers to upload photos of their pizzas and tag them with the user @ dominoes. It is very likely that these users will also follow Domino’s out of curiosity and find their picture on the Domino’s Instagram account which currently has more than 73,000 followers.


Photo Credit: The Family of Lisa Kalner Williams


In the end, it is you who decides which method to use to get more followers on Instagram. Remember that this goes beyond social networks and, at the end of the day, you want to see results in your business. If you own this Japanese restaurant in Chicago (or any business of your own), which sentence do you like best?

“Thanks to my followers, I’m the best sushi restaurant on Instagram” or “Thanks to my fans, I’m the best sushi restaurant in Chicago.” From the answer that you choose, depends on the strategy that you are going to implement.

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