Getting the most out of your Publisher

Getting Started with Audience Profiles

Ready to find the gold hidden amongst your social audiences? Open Agorapulse in another tab and follow along! (If you’re a community manager or want to build a better community, this section is for you.)

Each of your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles has its own Users section.

Click the Users tab from any social profile to see your audience in order of their last interaction with you.




Click Top to view the people who have interacted with this social profile the most over the last 30 days.




These badges along the top…




will appear automatically next to users who qualify for them, so you can see who your Ambassadors are.




The same with your influencers.




NOTE: Badges differ among each social network. Hover over any badge to see its meaning.

These badges are automatically applied by Agorapulse so you can easily see priorities for relationship building amongst members of your audience.

You can also add specific tags to any audience member to categorize your audience into segments that make sense for your organization.

Click View next to any audience member.




Then click the tag icon to assign any number of custom tags to this person.




You can later use the Tags drop down menu to filter only those users who have been assigned that category tag.




After clicking View on any of your audience members, the open panel will reveal their public profile information and allow you to create custom notes. You also have a quick access VIEW button to view this person directly on the social network.




You can see your previous conversations with each person, public or private, in order to stay in context for the next conversation. This is especially helpful for organizations who are managing social conversations as a team.




You can also see if this user has shown up in any of the searches you’ve set up in your Monitoring tab.




We’ve built out these profiles so you don’t have to be in the Users section to view a user’s info, tags or previous conversations. You can access all of this within the Inbox or Monitoring section as well. Just click on any user’s name…




to open the User preview panel.




Congratulations! You’re now a community management Jedi!

The video below will walk you through your new social relationship management features in less than a minute and a half.