A quick guide to profiling your social Audience

A quick guide to profiling your social Audience

Ready to find the gold hidden amongst your social audiences? Open Agorapulse in another tab and follow along!

You’ll see each author’s profile information to the right of each post, comment, mention, reply and personal message in your inbox.


Click ‘expand’ to see your previous conversations with this author in order to stay in context for the next conversation. This is especially helpful for organizations who are managing social conversations as a team.



You can add custom notes.


Click the star to add this person to a list of favorites so you can easily find them later.


Agorapulse will collect all tweets and Instagram posts containing words, phrases, or hashtags you define when setting up a Listening search.


Click on any post or tweet Agorapulse has collected via listening searches to view the author’s profile information and add custom notes.


Each of your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles has its own Unique Fans & Followers menu. Click the Fans & Followers tab to see your audience in order of their last interaction with this profile.


Favorites can be found here.


Click ‘Top’ to view the people who have interacted with this social profile the most over the last 30 days, ranked by their number of interactions.


Agorapulse automatically labels some of your audience members for you. We’ve labelled anyone who’s retweeted you or posted links to your website as Ambassadors.


We’ve labelled everyone who has been retweeted more than 20 times in the last 30 days as an Influencer.


You can create your own labels and attach them to any audience member in order to categorize your audience into segments that make sense for your organization.


Click on any audience member to assign any number of custom labels to this person.


You can later use the Labels drop down menu to filter only those users who have been assigned that category label.


Congratulations! You’re now a community management Jedi! This video will walk you through profiling your fans and followers in 2 minutes.


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