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A quick guide to team collaboration

A quick guide to team collaboration

Agorapulse is built for teamwork and collaboration!

The content calendar provides a centralized place for your team to propose, edit and approve social media content before it’s published. And Inbox collaboration tools keep each member of your team up to speed and ensure you’ll never step on each other’s toes when working on a customer’s message.   

Open Agorapulse in another tab and follow along.

When another person on your subscription is online, you’ll see their amazing face here.


1 – Publishing collaboration and workflows

Any team member can create a draft for approval. Drafts can be passed amongst multiple collaborators (one at a time) and edited by each one. Drafts will only be published once they are approved.


Drafts awaiting approval by others appear in yellow on the calendar. Drafts assigned specifically to you for editing appear in orange on the calendar.


You can see these drafts in a list view here.


You can see all drafts assigned to you here.


Click on any draft from the calendar, or from the list to view, make edits and approve.


Using Agorapulse team roles as hierarchies can help you collaborate even more efficiently. Agorapulse Admins can assign team roles from the Teams menu.


Agorapulse moderators can create, queue, and schedule drafts only. Their content will not be published unless an Editor or Admin approves it.

Agorapulse Editors and Admins can queue, schedule, and publish content without approval. They can also approve Moderators’ drafts for publishing.


2 – Collaborating within your Inboxes

You’ll never collide with another team member while responding to a fan. When you and another team member are replying to the same message, you’ll know it.


Find a question or issue that would be better handled by someone else? You can assign any item to any member of your team with a custom note.


Sometimes a fan or follower has had conversations with multiple teammates. Click ‘Expand’ next to any message’s author to see your brand or organization’s previous conversations with them.


3 – Community management metrics in your reports

Community Management Metrics provide a report on your efforts as individuals and as a team.





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