Getting the most out of your Publisher

Welcome to your Social Inbox

Your new Inboxes will take hours off your work day and make sure you:

  • Never miss a message from your audience
  • Efficiently collaborate on all your conversations
  • Know that you’ve handled everything you needed to at the end of the day.

We call this Social Inbox Zero.

Ready to see how your team can get to Inbox Zero together? Open Agorapulse in another tab and follow along!

Each of your social profiles now has its own Inbox. These Inboxes collect everything your social audience is saying to you:

  • Facebook – posts to your page, comments, private messages & comments on your Facebook ads
  • Twitter – tweets & direct messages to your account
  • Instagram – comments on your posts and ads (We’ll include DMs as soon as Instagram builds an API for them.)

When you arrive in an Inbox for one of your social accounts, you’ll immediately see how many new pieces of content need to be handled. And you’ll find them listed in a chronological, easy-to-view stream.



You can check each item off your slate individually by clicking “Review.”



If you want to save time, bulk review some items and leave the rest.



Or, you can clean your entire slate at once by clicking “Review All.”



Replying to any item automatically marks it as Reviewed.

Reviewed items are still accessible by clicking “All” in the upper navigation bar of the Inbox. From there, each member of the team can see who reviewed each piece of content.




Click “Type” to focus on the content you want to see. This is especially useful for managing Facebook and Instagram ads comments.




Further along the navigation bar, you can filter to see Newest or Oldest content on top in descending order.




Click on any post, tweet, comment, ads comment, direct or private message to assign it to a member of your team. If you’d like, add a custom note to put the message in better context.




view this content directly on the social network…




flag it, or assign a custom tag to it, in order to easily find it later.




You can find Flagged content here.




You can find tagged content here.




Create as many tags as you like, then click any tag name to view or manage all content with that tag.




Automated Moderation Rules allow Agorapulse to manage your content so you and your team can save time.




Moderation Rules are based on words or phrases separated by commas. You can use them to eliminate spam, assign, flag or tag content automatically. Here’s one example that’s commonly used around the world.




Once you’ve tagged some items, you’ll get metrics on the number of tagged content items you’ve received from your audience under any Facebook page’s Reports tab.


NOTE: Be sure to check out our guide on Getting Started With Reports.



And you’ll also see tagged items metrics when you export a Facebook page report in to Power Point.


NOTE: Be sure to check out our guide on Getting Started With Reports.


Congratulations! You’re a social inbox Jedi!

Bonus Tip!

Click on any author’s name…




… to view your previous conversations with them, public or private.




This is especially useful for customer service teams collaborating on social. You’ll always have your team member’s prior conversations with each person on hand before starting a new one.

The video below walks through everything you can accomplish with your Inboxes in less than 2 minutes.

The next guide is a quick read and will walk you through everything you can accomplish with your new publishing tools.