A quick start guide to your social Inbox

A quick start guide to your social Inbox

Your new Inbox will take hours off your work day and make sure you:

  • Never miss a message from your audience
  • Efficiently collaborate on all your conversations
  • Know that you’ve handled everything you needed to at the end of the day.

We call this Social Inbox Zero.


Open Agorapulse in another tab and follow along!

Each of your social profiles has its own Inbox. These Inboxes collect everything your social audience is saying to you:

  • Facebook – posts to your page, comments, private messages & comments on your Facebook ads
  • Twitter – direct messages to and mentions of your handle
  • Instagram – comments on your posts and ads (We’ll include DMs as soon as Instagram builds an API for them.)
  • LinkedIn – comments on your posts

When you arrive at your Inbox for any social profile, you’ll see how many new messages need to be handled.


Use this toggle to bring Newest or Oldest content to the top in descending order.


You can clear each item off your slate individually by checking the Review icon.


If you want to save time, bulk review some items and leave the rest. Hover over any item to see the ‘bulk review’ check box.


Or, you can clean your entire slate at once by clicking “Review All.”


Replying to any item automatically marks it as Reviewed.

Click the toggle next to ‘Reply’ to respond to any tweet with a Direct Message, or any Facebook comment with a Private Message.


Reviewed items are still accessible by clicking “All” in the upper navigation bar of the Inbox. From here, each member of the team can see who reviewed each message.


You’ll never collide with another team member while responding to a fan. When you and another team member are replying to the same message, you’ll know it.



Use the filter toggle to focus on the specific type of content you want to manage.


This is especially helpful if you want to manage public comments or comments on your ads before responding to private messages.

Agorapulse is the only tool guaranteed to collect 100% of the comments on your Facebook & Instagram ads. We do this by connecting directly to your Facebook ad accounts.

Click “Ad account” within any Facebook or Instagram profile’s settings.


From here, you’ll get your Facebook Ad token in one click. Then, select the each ad account that contains ads for this Facebook or Instagram profile.


Click here to install your ad accounts now.

Click on any item to assign it to a member of your team. If you’d like, add a custom note to put the message in better context.


Click ‘Expand’ above any author’s name…


… to view your previous conversations with them, public or private.


This is especially useful for customer service teams. You’ll always have access to your team members’ prior conversations with each person on hand before starting a new one.

‘Saved replies’ are easily accessible in each conversation so you can respond more quickly.


Click ‘Manage’ to create as many saved replies as you like.



Click here to create your first saved reply in another tab.

Sometimes, one of  the social networks we support doesn’t allow third party tools to perform specific actions. For instance, Instagram doesn’t permit replies to Direct Messages with any third party tool. When you bump into one of these instances, you can easily jump to any inbox item directly on the native social network (without completely leaving your inbox.


Bookmark any item or assign custom labels to it, in order to easily find it later.


You can find Bookmarked and labelled content here. Click any label name to view or manage all content with that label.


Inbox Assistant

The Inbox Assistant cleans up, organizes and manages your inbox for you. Click any inbox’s settings wheel to get it started.


You can assign rules to your Inbox Assistant based on words or phrases arriving in your inbox. You can use them to eliminate spam, review, assign, bookmark or label inbox items automatically. Here’s one example that’s commonly used on Twitter profiles around the world.


Here’s another.

Here’s a more thorough list of commonly used Inbox Assistant rules that will make your life easier.

Click here to open another tab and create your first moderation rule.

Once you’ve labelled some Inbox items, you’ll get metrics on the number of labelled content items you’ve received from your audience under any profile’s Reports tab. And you’ll also see labelled item metrics when you export a Facebook page report to PowerPoint.

NOTE: Be sure to check out our guide on Getting Started With Reports.


This video will walk you through your Inbox in 2 minutes.

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