Getting the most out of your Publisher

Welcome to Social Monitoring

Agorapulse allows you to capture key conversations on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Are you ready to find these conversations (and people behind the conversations) that are important to your business? It only takes a few minutes. Open Agorapulse in another tab and follow along!



Monitoring on Twitter

With Agorapulse, you can discover Twitter conversations containing words or phrases specified by you, filtered by language and location.

Want to set up a listening station like that? Well, great! Let’s set up custom Twitter searches first.

Click on a Twitter profile’s Monitoring tab.




Then click “Searches” on the right navigation bar.




You’ll see we’ve already created a couple of searches for you — one for your organization’s name and another for your organization’s website. This is what our default search list looks like.




Anytime someone tweets a link to your website, or uses your business’ name (with or without the @ sign) you’ll see those tweets here, in your Monitoring section.




Now it’s time to create custom Twitter searches of your own. What words or phrases are important to your organization?




Create as many searches as you like, and filter them by language and/or location to see who’s talking about the subjects that are important to your business.

And then watch the search results begin to populate your Monitoring tab.





Monitoring on Instagram

You can capture all Instagram posts from any location around the globe, or posts containing specific hashtags.

To begin, click on an Instagram profile’s Monitoring tab.




Then click the “Monitoring” button on the right navigation bar.




From here, you can search Instagram for specific hashtags. First, give your Instagram search a name you’ll easily remember later. Then, select Hashtag as the type of search to conduct. Finally, enter a hashtag.




You’ll then collect all Instagram posts containing those hashtags.




You can also collect all Instagram posts from any Facebook or Instagram location around the globe. First, give your Instagram search a name you’ll easily remember later. Then, select Location as the type of search to conduct. Finally, enter the location and choose the correct one from the options provided.




You’ll then collect all Instagram posts from that location.





Monitoring on Facebook

Want to see what people are saying about your business on Facebook? Simply click on a Facebook page’s Monitoring tab.




From here, you’ll see all public posts mentioning your brand.




NOTE: User data and content on Facebook tends to be less public and more private than the other networks. This is why Facebook doesn’t currently allow for more detailed custom searches.

Managing Your Monitoring Results




Your monitoring tabs contain all the same functionality you will find within your Inboxes. That means you and your team can catch every conversation and collaborate efficiently on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Use the filters and drop down menus along the top to get to the right content fast.

View one monitoring search at a time via the Searches drop down menu on the right.




Once you’ve reviewed the conversations, you can check them off your slate one-by-one.




You can also check off conversations in bulk.




Want to clean your entire slate at once? Click “Review All.”




Click on any author’s name to learn more about them. You can see their public profile data, add custom CRM notes and view your previous conversations with them (public or private).




And build Relationships with them-




NOTE: Be sure to check out our Guide on Getting to Know Your Audience

You can assign any conversation to any member of your team with a custom note by clicking on the conversation.




Then, click Assign and add your note.




Automated Moderation Rules allow Agorapulse to manage your content so you and your team can save time.




Moderation Rules are based on words or phrases separated by commas. You can use them to eliminate spam, assign, flag or tag content automatically. Here’s one example.




Congratulations! You’re now a social monitoring Jedi!


The video below will walk you through everything you can accomplish with your new monitoring tools in less than 3 minutes.

The next guide is a quick read and will walk you through discovering who’s in your social audience and how to create social relationship management.