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Welcome! A quick guide to getting started with Agorapulse

Welcome! A quick guide to getting started with Agorapulse

You’re just six easy steps from being fully set up. Open Agorapulse in another tab and follow along.

Step 1 – Add all your social profiles

Click the “+” symbol in the bottom left corner to add more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube profiles.

NOTE: If you don’t see the “+” sign then you do not have permission to add profiles to this organization.


Step 2 – Invite your team

This is also where you’ll invite teammates, clients, and consultants onboard to craft content and manage your messages together.

NOTE: If you don’t see the “+” sign then you do not have permission to invite team members to this organization.


To see a full list of actions each role can and cannot perform, click here.

Click here to invite your team now in another tab.



Step 3 – Connect your ad accounts

Once we’ve connected your ad accounts, your team will be able to manage the comments on your social ads.  

Click the ‘settings’ wheel.


Select a Facebook or Instagram profile, then connect one or more ad accounts.


Rinse, lather and repeat for other profiles and ad accounts and voila! Your inbox will now collect the comments on your Facebook and Instagram ads. You can filter to manage ad accounts only, here-

Click here to install your ad accounts now in another tab.


Step 4 – Set up 

Want to shorten the links you publish? Click ‘General’ within the settings wheel to connect your accounts to your social profiles.



Click here to install your account now in another tab.


Step 5 – Organize your profiles

You can rename and rearrange your profiles or group them together.  Click Menu/groups from your Organization Settings to re-order or rename your profiles.


To group your profiles together:

  1. Click create new group
  2. Title your group
  3. Slide the appropriate profiles into your new group


This is especially helpful for agencies who need to group their clients together.

Each group you create becomes a custom publishing group as well! Be sure to check out the ‘Getting started with your new Publisher’ section to learn more.



Step 6 – Ask us anything!

You’re never alone in this community management gig as long as you’re using Agorapulse.

Click Help in the lower left corner to –

  • Contact us.
  • Suggest new features and check our development roadmap for what’s coming soon.
  • Return to this guide or watch quick videos on how to get the most value out of Agorapulse.
  • Read our FAQ.


Congratulations! You’re well on your way to becoming a community management Jedi!


Click here to explore all your profile settings in another tab.


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