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Looking for a good HeyOrca alternative?

You’re curious about how Agorapulse compares to HeyOrca―great! Agorapulse and HeyOrca are both solid social media publishing platforms, but Agorapulse is more than just a great tool to plan content.

We offer a full-suite social media management solution for agencies that includes robust options for publishing and shared calendars for your clients PLUS an inbox, listening abilities, reporting, and a social CRM. 

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All-in-one social media management solution



Reliability (No downtime)



Full suite of analytics, esp. rich in Instagram data



Direct Instagram publishing



24/7 support with quick turnaround time



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Agorapulse is an efficient all-in-one solution.

Why use a handful of tools when one can do it all? Digital agencies are switching to Agorapulse every single day from HeyOrca for this very reason.

With Agorapulse, you have a full-suite social media management platform at your fingertips out of the gate. There’s no need to subscribe to separate tools to manage different parts of your social strategy. Agorapulse offers everything you need for publishing, replying, reporting, monitoring, and user management for just one, affordable cost.

Plus, Agorapulse has never had an outage, our users have never experienced consistent downtime, and we’re a Facebook Marketing Partner.

We are a Facebook Marketing Partner.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we are granted API access to offer Facebook and Instagram features that non-Partner tools (like HeyOrca) cannot. We are also required to follow all API rules, which means you never have to worry about us getting shut down or your data being compromised.

Since HeyOrca is not a Facebook Marketing Partner, you can only directly publish to Instagram if you connect a Buffer account (another social media management tool) to HeyOrca.

Why pay for two tools to publish to Instagram when you can just use one? (And why take the risk of two tools going down — after all, clients are counting on you to consistently publish content.)

Brian Jones, Graphicmachine

Agorapulse has this intangible quality of credibility―we have confidence using it. Other systems looked like they were in a pre-launch, beta mode, but Agorapulse is really refined. Agorapulse was also the first platform to allow Instagram posting from within the app, which has also reduced both work time and client stress.

Shared calendars for your clients and robust publishing options.

We offer tons of publishing options including shared calendars to easily collaborate with your clients on social media content. Bye, bye spreadsheets!

But that’s just the beginning of our publishing options. We also offer you:

  • Bulk upload on links, images, and RSS feeds
  • UTM parameters for easy tracking
  • Republishing features to keep your evergreen content alive
  • Queues to keep a steady flow of content
  • Queue categories for a great balance of content

Alison Meineke, Topic Design

The assign and approval system has made my team and clients happier and more efficient. Many of us are working remotely and don’t always get to see each other every day. So, the ability to edit posts or assign inbox messages to each other with comments, too, is incredibly helpful.

Everything is in one place.

Along with shared calendars and advanced publishing options, you can manage almost everything under the sun (when it comes to social) with Agorapulse. Your dashboard also includes:

  • An easy-to-use inbox with real-time collaboration features
  • Automated moderation rules to speed up the engagement process
  • Listening searches for proactive engagement on the topics that matter to your brands
  • A social CRM for deep insights into your clients’ fans and followers.

And last, but not least, advanced reporting available in all plans. Quickly download a beautiful, custom PDF (or CSV) and pop it over to your clients.

Robyn Mays, Social Butter

With Agorapulse, everything is in one place. We’ve managed to streamline our social media processes. The reporting has allowed us to fit monthly and evaluate what we did that worked and what didn’t. We constantly adjust the time of scheduling based on Agorapulse. However, community management has been the greatest benefit.

Our customer support support team is available around the clock.

Reaching out to a support team for any piece of software is inevitable―whether you’re a newbie or a user that’s been around and wants to learn more about new features that have popped up overtime.

HeyOrca is available Monday through Friday during business hours on the East Coast.

Our average first-response time around the clock is 16 minutes. And our Support Heroes are pretty special. English support is available 7 days a week and Spanish, French, and Portuguese support is at your service Monday through Friday.

Agorapulse is an alternative to HeyOrca and the big guys!

Agorapulse is a great alternative to HeyOrca and the big guys in our world, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social. Take a peek at how our average user rating compares.

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