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Free Guide: Facebook Live All You Need to Know

Going "Live" on Facebook may seem effortless, but you need to be prepared all the way around. Get prepped in under an hour.

Found in the eBook

1. What you need to know before you start?
2. What are my technical options to go live?

3. Scheduling a Facebook Live broadcast in advance
4. How to add Facebook Live contributors

5. How to share your screen

Ana Gotter - Social Media Writer & Editor

Ana graduated from Florida State University with a BA in creative writing. She transitioned to a full-time freelance career in 2014, during which she's lent her business-writing and marketing acumen to over 20 industries. She has certifications in email marketing, content, and social media marketing.

Prep for Facebook Live in

under 60 minutes.

Then, most importantly, feel confident going "live" for your fans and followers!