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AgoraPulse Offers Low-Cost Facebook CRM Alternative!

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Robust analytics features allow you to glean important insights about your Facebook marketing activities.

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It's exciting to see what AgoraPulse is doing to make it easy to take Facebook further for your business!

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The Swiss Army Knife of social media monitoring applications.

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Love the platform! Love the people! Any time I've had a question, they get back to me quickly and politely!


Its vision is to offer enterprise level solutions that remain affordable for small and medium businesses.

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AgoraPulse is a self serve product that offers value to companies of all sizes, but falls within the budgets os small and medium sized companies.

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Using this service, you can engage your page audience in newer ways.

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These are exactly the kind of light-touch engagement tools that fuel activity and attract new fans!

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If you're serious about your Facebook presence, AgoraPulse is definitely worth looking into.

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Check out their unique comparison feature to see how your Facebook business page compares to your competitor's pages.


It also helps the community managers moderate their Timeline and measure results with detailed tracking and reporting features.