Social Media Management Scholarship

The AgoraPulse Social Media Management Scholarship

A $1,000 Scholarship For Emerging Social Media Geniuses

The AgoraPulse Social Media Management Scholarship is a highly competitive award for high school and college students interested in Social Media Management. Unlike most scholarships which simply require good luck to win, the AgoraPulse scholarship puts the tools for winning in your hands by judging your entry on your ability to appreciate and explain genius social media management!

Students applying must submit a brief essay explaining the best use of social media management — the act of engaging with a targeted audience on social media to increase brand visibility and build trust and top of mind awareness — that they have seen.

In 5 paragraphs or less, you should share what you saw (feel free to link to it if its online), how it made you feel, the call-to-action, and ultimately explain why you feel it was the best use of social media that you have ever seen for the purposes of achieving business goals (typically increasing revenue and profits through increased brand visibility and top of mind awareness).

Studying in the fields of Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Communications, or IT are recommended but not required. Being passionate about social media is an absolute must. We’re always excited to see what the next generation of marketing leaders thinks is great social media management!

This is a $1,000 scholarship, and is awarded on December 20th of each year.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is December 15th of each year.

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