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Create Social Media Moderation Rules for Your Inbox Assistant That Save You Time

Customize your Inbox Assistant in Agorapulse to fit the needs of your business. The possibilities are endless, but the goal is the same: to simplify your day-to-day and automate tasks that take your valuable time.


With Inbox Assistant, you can:

Assign tasks to the appropriate team member
Automatically tag/bookmark comments associated with a campaign
Automatically hide/delete comments that can ruin your reputation
Receive an email notification with moderation updates

Hide Spam Facebook Posts

Most spammy Facebook posts contain a website the spammer is trying to promote. With Inbox Assistant, you can hide every post or comment containing “http” or “https” automatically. Want to be sure you’re not hiding non-spam? Select to receive an email notification when this rule is applied to double check and unhide if appropriate.

facebook inbox assistant spam

Auto-review Automated Twitter Thank Yous

If you’re following a lot of new people on a regular basis, setting up this rule for your Inbox Assistant tcan save you a massive amount of time. We here at Agorapulse automatically review: for following, the follow, your follow, for connecting, for joining, among other phrases we want gone. You can add new phrases to your rules as you see fit.

Bookmark positive user comments

Positive comments can make you feel warm inside AND make a positive impact on your business. In addition to providing strong social proof, they can provide testimonials to use later (with permission) and even help you to identify potential brand advocates. So why not keep them all in one location?

Hide Negative Facebook Comments

Use Inbox Assistant with the actions “Bookmark” and “Hide” to filter comments that you want to keep or hide. For example: create a moderation rule with the word “scam” and actions Bookmark and Hide in order to be able to keep comments saying “It is not a scam” BUT keep hidden comments saying “It is a scam.” Then you can choose which comments to keep by selecting the bookmark filter.

negative comment hide

Assign Comments to the Right Team Member(s)

Immediately direct comments and messages to team members responsible for specific campaigns, promotions, or like us at Agorapulse, language. In our case, we assign comments based on language-specific keyword phrases and they’re automatically assigned to that team member.

inbox assistant assign

Start Creating Rules for Your Inbox Assistant in Agorapulse

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