Social Media Monitoring Made Easy

All-In-One. Efficient. Affordable.

Streamlined Tools for Monitoring Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Monitor your accounts even while you sleep
Set up searches for relevant keywords
Identify brand ambassadors and influencers
Track posts and mentions

Monitor multiple social media accounts

Seize more time in your workday with our social media monitoring tool that empowers you to:
– Quickly identify new monitored elements across your social networks
– Switch between multiple social media accounts with one click of a button

Find your brand's ambassadors on Instagram

Get our social media monitoring tool for Instagram to:
– Identify your brand’s ambassadors by monitoring hashtags
– Know your ambassadors at a glance via automated badges
– Use customized labels to quickly find monitored searches

Track your mentions on Facebook

Our social media monitoring tool for Facebook lets you:
– Receive notifications when someone mentions your Facebook page in a public post
– Review, assign, and mark monitored items as important

Monitor YouTube saved searches

Our YouTube monitoring features help you:
-Create searches, inc. boolean searches
-Monitor the latest username mentions, hashtags, and keyword phrases
-Assign important videos to a teammate or client

Monitor keywords on Twitter

Social media monitoring tools for Twitter mean you can:
– Find searches on relevant keywords for your business
– Identify users who retweet your content the most
– Find brand ambassadors and discover who shares links to your website

Find out why social media monitoring is a breeze with Agorapulse

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