Posted on September 4, 2013 by
3 - like gate

Facebook recently made another breaking change to its terms of services. A couple of years ago, they decided to forbid running promotions directly on the page and made the use of a third party app mandatory. This restriction is now gone, you can run a promotion without using a third party app.

There are still rules though, and not everything can be done. Nonetheless, this can be a good option in some instances, or a very poor one in others.Let’s review the pros and cons of this new possibility.

Posted on June 25, 2013 by

On Facebook, Page Administrators had a choice of methods to deliver discount coupons to readers; the menu contained Facebook Coupon App using Third Party applications and Facebook offers. Currently, there is only one available method: Third Party applications. Facebook tried then removed its native Facebook offers. Some analysts posted background information on the current situation and I will briefly summarize it here. The end result is that Page Administrators need not be concerned, the Facebook Coupon App using Third Party applications work very well.

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Facebook insights

By now, we’re all quite aware of Facebook dropping the Timeline bomb on our Pages. Most businesses have been focusing on adjusting to the new format, such as a wider canvas for tab apps, the removal of the default landing tab, etc.

However, because of this most app providers are not taking advantage of the new functionality provided. Case in point, most are still relying on the now old-fashioned “share” or “invite” options to recruit fans and their friends. We say that it’s time for these providers to harness the viral power of frictionless sharing with Open Graph!