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Facebook recently made another breaking change to its terms of services. A couple of years ago, they decided to forbid running promotions directly on the page and made the use of a third party app mandatory. This restriction is now gone, you can run a promotion without using a third party app.

There are still rules though, and not everything can be done. Nonetheless, this can be a good option in some instances, or a very poor one in others.Let’s review the pros and cons of this new possibility.

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Conversion rate for a Facebook application for one month as shown in the app native Facebook statisctics.

Among Facebook application vendors, there is a little tug of war: some claim that not requiring your participants to authorize a Facebook application is a must and the only way to go, others tell you that this is the other way around. At the end of the day, community managers who have to choose a system for their next Facebook campaign are left wondering what option really is best for them.

As we get a lot of questions on this very issue, we wanted to give you a real answer, one backed with facts and figures and statistics you can rely on. So we have digged into our app data for thousands of apps and campaigns and here are our findings. You can’t get more transparent than that!