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Brick and mortar stores have great potential for increasing Facebook reach and building community with the best fans your Facebook page could want- the customers in your store! Bring Facebook (and your promotions) to the register! Your page’s health will increase and so will your business.
Here are 6 Facebook contest ideas tailored especially for you:

Here are 6 Facebook contest ideas tailored especially for you:

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We spoke recently about Facebook contests.
They’re a particularly good way to vary your activity on the world’s most popular social network. And frankly, you should probably run a few.
The trouble is, how do you know what kind of contest to run? There are more than a few. And, like so many things, they’re not all created equal.
Thankfully, we can help. We’ve blogged on the subject before. And now, today, we’re going to compile the top posts for you so you can run the right contests the right way, for the benefit of your bottom line.

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There’s more to Facebook marketing than sponsored stories and right-hand column ads. The platform’s more complex than that. It offers more opportunities.
And one of those opportunities – a particularly good one, even – are contests.

At AgoraPulse, we’ve written on Facebook contests as well. Quite a bit, actually.
But we know your time matters to you and you’re probably always running low. That’s why we’re going to compile our 5 best posts on the subject, so you can build contests that really do something for your bottom line. We’ll take you through the entire process, from conception to optimization.
Let’s get started.