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Facebook post reach case study

It’s never a bad time to put a little thought into your social marketing strategy. What works, what doesn’t. How you can do more for less…

You can only learn so much from your own page or profile.

We’re out to spare you a bit of work today. Over the past year, we’ve written about 5 successful Facebook pages that did very well in a variety of ways, and we’ll make finding them easier for you.

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Like most things in life, Facebook only rewards effort so much. To do something meaningful – to really accomplish something – you have to do more than just put in your time.
Sadly, too many social marketers lose sight of this. They publish and tweet once a day, but their posts and tweets aren’t relevant or engaging. They’re read – if that – and passed over.
No likes, no re-tweets. No return on their social marketing investment.
You can do better. And it’s not hard.
They still perform well, too. And, though your posting strategy has to be specific to your business objectives – meeting them is why you’re on Facebook, after all – we’d be lying if we said there aren’t a few shortcuts.
So, let’s get you some hard results.