Posted on November 25, 2014 by

Virality is a kind of holy grail in social marketing. It doesn’t take long to write a Facebook post or tweet. It doesn’t cost much either. Simply put, the investment is low. And when it catches on – like wildfire – not only exciting the fans you have, but attracting the ones you don’t, your return is easily in the triple digits. If not more.
The payoff – for what you’re putting in – can be extraordinary. But it’s also hard to do. More than a few social agencies have lamented how often they’re asked to “write a viral post.” It can be done.
It’s much easier when you’re a significantly wealthy and established agency, of course. But it’s not guaranteed. It’s not something you can just order, like your lunch.
However, that said, there are ways to make it more likely. Considerably more likely, even. Tactics that have worked before, work currently, and will probably always work to a degree.
And it’s those tactics we’ll talk about today. 5 Facebook post ideas that can turn viral.