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junio 9, 2015 at 1:00 pm

12 razones por las que Agorapulse es la mejor alternativa a Hootsuite para administrar páginas de Facebook

There are many tools for managing social networks; even  many of them are free. Very few of these tools have been proven by industry experts as true Social Media Management solutions. Hootsuite  and  AgoraPulse  are among the top three.

They are very similar in several ways – both work very well for small businesses – but there are very notable differences that will determine which platform is best for you.

Realizamos una prueba exhaustiva para determinar cómo funcionan estos sistemas para administrar páginas de Facebook. Te presentamos las 12 diferencias más grandes entre Agorapulse y Hootsuite.


12 razones por las que Agorapulse es la mejor alternativa a Hootsuite para administrar páginas de Facebook

1. Ver  Cada Publicación, Comentario y Respuesta en Orden  Cronológico (en una misma pantalla)

Revisar el contenido nuevo en Facebook (publicaciones, comentarios y respuestas) es más fácil si lo revisas como si fuera tu e-mail: desde el principio, hasta el final.

Aunque Hootsuite ofrece esta información, no la organiza de una manera amigable para el usuario. Tienes que buscarla, y si tu página es muy activa, la búsqueda es implacable (sí, igual que la peli)

AgoraPulse hace este trabajo por ti: todos los comentarios, mensajes privados y las publicaciones de tus fans se muestran en un mismo sitio denominado “Inbox” donde puedes ver cada tipo de contenido en orden cronológico, sin perder tiempo en buscar este contenido.


Instead of the same information flow that contains the content of your Facebook page, Hootsuite will show you multiple columns (up to 5) for different types of content. Publications and messages will appear in chronological order in 2 different columns. But it is not possible to see the comments in chronological order. Even the “Activity” column will only show the most recent comments. If you have a very active page, responding to comments will be an almost impossible task. You also do not have an option to mark an item as revised. What comments have you answered? Keeping you organized becomes all very confusing and complicated!


2. View the context of your comments

Managing comments from your Facebook page can be overwhelming; it is not always guaranteed to see the big picture when you get a new notification of a comment. That is, how do you know if it has already been answered ?, will another admin. Did you respond while you were offline? This happens to all Community Managers all the time. And it happens more often if you use the Facebook app from your smartphone. Wherever you are, you have to serve the users! =)

Hootsuite will show you all the comments, but if you posted a reply directly to Facebook, you will never know.


Facebook comment in context

This comment was answered from the Facebook mobile app over the weekend. Thanks to Agorapulse, I could see it and avoid giving a duplicate answer.

But when looking at the exact same view on Hootsuite, that reply doesn't appear. So if you're not careful, you'll reply twice!

The answers do not appear in Hootsuite. If you are not careful, you can respond twice!

3. Identify Comments and Messages to which you already gave Response

With Hootsuite, there is no option to mark as reviewed a comment or message. You just have to trust your memory … and hopefully you have an excellent memory! Or you can take notes. Otherwise, you risk having content left unanswered or answered twice. AgoraPulse automatically marks as checked every post, comment or message you have responded to. In case a comment does not require a response, you can mark it as manually revised. Less time is spent in this way! This is most convenient when your team also manages the same Facebook page.


Agorapulse organizes your Facebook Inbox in an easy and manageable structure: the elements that have been checked and / or answered are marked in different color, the elements that are pending revision, are indicated in an orange number. In this example, I only need to review a comment.



Hootsuite invokes the activity of your page in multiple columns, with no way of distinguishing between what the new elements are and which have already been answered. This method guarantees confusion.


4. Monitor comments made in Dark Posts.

Facebook gives you the option to create “dark posts” for promotional purposes. This is an invisible post on your Facebook page, but it will appear in the users’ news section. It is usually used to create ads from the news section that will not appear on your page. (Click here to know more about dark posts from Facebook )

Users can leave comments on this type of posts. How? Have not you noticed? Surprise! The worst part is that there is no reliable way to see the comments made in your dark posts, you may have missed out on many and you had not noticed.

Monitoring comments made in dark posts can be tricky. Hootsuite synchronizes your invisible posts in chronological order, but there is no way to see what comments were left in these posts in chronological order.

If you have 10 active publications of this type (or more) and you receive a comment on publication # 8, there is no way you can quickly locate this content without first reviewing all the publications you have made. When I tell you it’s complicated, it’s serious!

Facebook unpublished posts in Hootsuite

Hootsuite shows you the dark posts in chronological order. But not the comments in these publications. In order to identify new comments, you have to review all posts. It is possible to manage, although it takes away a lot of time, if you have 3 or 4 dark posts; but if you are 20 or more … it will be a headache!

Agorapulse does an excellent job in this area. Agorapulse shows all the comments you have received in each publication, invisible or not, chronologically, in your Unbox. Identify your most recent comments, it’s very simple and only takes a few seconds.

Be sure to read our article on managing comments in dark posts.

5. Hide comments in posts

Sometimes it is necessary to hide comments in invisible publications. If you delete the comment, the author will notice and can be counterproductive. The “hide” option is safer: other users will not see the comment, but the author can see it and will not be mad at you. Whether the comment violates the terms of service or you simply prefer not to be public – as you write the perfect answer -. Agorapulse allows you to do just that.

hiding comments on Facebook

This comment was only made to promote a Facebook page that has no relationship with Social Media or the services we provide. Spam clearly. In this case, we prefer to hide to delete. We only remove comments that are defamatory or totally inappropriate.

Hide comments may be useful when you have a complaint. You definitely do not want to delete a complaint! But this method allows you to temporarily hide a complaint while thinking about a solution. A complaint with an appropriate response will not affect your image; but no answer … of course it will!

6. Apply automatic moderation rules

Have you ever had to deal with spam or inappropriate posts and comments on your Facebook page? We do! From users who promote their own Facebook page (which has nothing to do with our services), even users who are simply rude. This happens all the time. And if your page receives a lot of comments, you can spend a lot of time identifying one of these comments and getting rid of it.

Agorapulse offers you an automatic moderation system that works while you sleep. Create rules using keywords and a set of actions that should be applied when these keywords are mentioned. In the following example, we created a rule that hides all comments and posts that contain links (80% of the time they are spam). I chose to be sent an alert to my email to check if it is really an inappropriate link, and delete it, or are asking a legitimate question, and make this content public.

Facebook moderation rules


7. Review the Fan Conversation Story (Comments, posts, likes, messages, mentions and shares)

Does the message that has just come to your page have to do with a series of conversations that you received on support? Is this the first interaction we have with this user, or is it the fifth one? Could this user have previously interacted with us? Were they positive or negative comments? The context can really help you to give a more appropriate response.

Hootsuite has a content-centric approach: it shows you the content and the author. But not vice versa. Agorapulse’s user-centric approach can help.

As shown in the following image, Agorapulse shows you a profile that reveals the history of all the interactions you have had with the user:

fan conversation history agorapulse

Agorapulse shows you the previous interactions you’ve had with your fans.

Agorapulse shows you posts, comments, private messages, mentions and the times a user has shared your content. It allows you to label each user, categorize them and find them easily in the future. Each user is given badges to identify, at a glance, who frequently interact with you and who share your content.

8. See who your best fans are

The power of the brand ambassadors can not be underestimated . Dollar to dollar, can promote your brand more effectively than any campaign.

The problem is to find out who your ambassadors are – or who they are most likely to become one – and you need a tool to help you with that.

As Hootsuite does not show you user information, it can not help you with that. Another limitation is its focus on content. Agorapulse’s user-centric approach provides you with many ways to get information.

First, you can see who your main fans are:

Top Facebook Fans

They are ordered based on the number and type of interactions they have had with you. For example, a comment has more weight than a “I like”. In this example, Bob has left a comment and has given “Like” to 18 publications, Tommy has given “Like” to 20 publications. Both are very interested in what we have to say!

Agorapulse automatically awards badges to all users who have interacted on your Facebook page:


    • Likers: they have given “Like” to at least 5 publications.


    • Active users:  commented, made a publication in your Timeline or sent a private message.


  • Ambassadors:  your (@) or shared page has been mentioned

Here is a quick view of the “Ambassadors” on this page:

Facebook Ambassadors on Agorapulse

A user-centered approach can be powerful for your Facebook page! I can help you learn more about your users, build a loyalty program or make sure you recognize those who are committed to your brand.

9. Monitor comments made on photo album stories

When you publish multiple photos in a new album, or add multiple photos to an existing album, Facebook will create a “story” that will be published in your fans’ Newsfeed, as shown below:

Facebook photo album story

Facebook creates a new story like this every time you add new photos.

Remember that each photo inside the album can receive comments as well. So when you add 3 photos to an album, you can receive comments on each photo and comments in the created story.

There are many pages that use a lot of photo albums, and it is important to capture all the engagement generated when an album is created or updated.

Hootsuite is generally very good monitoring comments, but it falls short with stories from photo albums. If you constantly post photos in your albums, Hootsuite will not help you in this task. Agorapulse, on the other hand, will record and notify you of every comment made in your photo album as well as individual photos.


10. Monitor comments on photos published in albums

AgoraPulse also monitors comments on individual photos included in any album you’ve published. It is a more granular approach designed for businesses that do not want to miss any kind of interaction.

It is also a great way to identify which images generate the most engagement. Or just to identify if any of them are causing much turmoil and control the situation before it gets older.

Here is an example of a photo added within an album that was part of the story mentioned in the previous point:

Comments on new photo in Facebook album


Eight comments in this specific photo, which are different from those published in the story of point # 9.

Hootsuite will not notify you of these 8 comments, only Agorapulse will.


11. Monitor Mentions and Shared Publications from Your Page

Many Facebook conversations will leave the pages and profiles they started. Sometimes they start in a completely different place.

When any of your fans share a post from your page to talk about it in their own profiles, Agorapulse helps you keep up. You can follow these mentions and shares – which are just as important as the interactions that come to your own page – and discover who your brand ambassadors are.

This image shows a list of all content that has been shared from the page of MV Agusta Brutale.

Monitoring shares on Facebook

This can be very useful if you want to thank your fans for sharing the content.


12. View comments directly on Facebook

There are times when you simply need to see everything “with your own eyes”.

Agorapulse shows you a button to “View on Facebook” every comment and publication. One click takes you directly to that post or comment, so you’re 100% sure that everything is in order. This is useful when you want to respond with your personal Facebook profile, or another page that you manage on Facebook.

direct access to Facebook comment

The Inbox of Agorapulse will allow you to access each comment directly on Facebook. You can respond from there if you prefer, and choose whether to respond from your personal account or another account that you manage. You can also verify that these comments have received a response or just make sure that the response has been posted on time.

comments highlighted on Facebook

When you are redirected to Facebook, you will get directly to the comment in question, marked in yellow. Whether you have a couple of comments or hundreds in a publication, it will be easy to identify.

That option does not exist in Hootsuite. You can go directly to a publication (you need to click on the date of the publication), search among the comments, but, as I said before, you can lose a lot of activity.


There is no social media management solution that works for everyone.

Your needs as a SME or freelancer are very different from a transnational company. They may even be different from your competitors.

Although Hootsuite and Agorapulse are similar, they are not the same. These 12 key differences can help you make the decision when necessary.

What tool do you use to manage your social networks? Do you like a more detailed approach or just a panoramic view? Share your opinion in the comments section!

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