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enero 8, 2015 at 10:49 pm

Publicaciones para Facebook: 5 Ideas para Crear Contenido Viral

This article was written by Nicholas Grizzell for Agorapulse.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure some client has asked for “viral content”. They order it as if they were in a restaurant and their order will be ready in 10 minutes. You and I both know that it is not so easy to achieve.

Surely your client thinks, “How long can it take to create publications for Facebook?”

Well, creating tweets and posts for Facebook is fast. BUT, creating  excellent content  that people want to share is a job for true creatives. When you get your Facebook posts to share quickly, not only among your fans but also among people outside that circle, your ROI can triple.

By the effort you invest, your reward can be extraordinary. So your client can also see the benefits of social media in your business!

So how do we make our Facebook content viral? I will share tactics that have worked for me and that may work for you as well.


5 Ideas to Create Viral Content in Your Facebook Posts

1. Breaking news will be your allies

When something happens – something important, something scandalous or something new – people want to read about it.

If you are on Facebook, you will see publications that mention this news. You will pay more attention to this type of publication. They will even interact at a higher rate .

So pay attention. Keep up to date on what is happening in your community. So, when something important happens, you can write a publication about it.

But, more specifically, think about how you can relate your brand to that publication. How can you connect what happens in the world with your company and what you sell?

When your publication is shared – which is very likely, because it is something new – your brand will have greater exposure.

After all, you’re not the one who writes the news. Just take advantage of the notoriety of the event to attract more attention to your company.


Oreo celebrates on Facebook the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) landing on Mars.


2. Be Emotional

When you react strongly to a stimulus, it is because your body has responded emotionally.

Brands know it. The most effective ads focus on emotions. This year, Sainsbury created a Christmas ad  that caused much  controversy . The same controversy is a response fraught with many emotions. Everyone is talking about it.

They can also talk about your ad! Of course, you do not have to go to extremes and resort to controversy; But you need your reaction to be passionate. In order for people to be passionate about your business, you must first be passionate about the way you sell your product or service.

Your next publications for Facebook must be loaded with emotion. Your goal is to move your fans and make them feel something.

Remember: anything you make them feel, will relate to your brand. So be cautious. Controversy is not always a good thing.


A campaign to stop the Ebola did caused a lot of furor on Facebook.

[Tweet] “Move your fans and make them feel something, that emotion will be linked to your brand, be careful.”]


3. Offers prizes

This point should not take you by surprise.

Facebook contests work.

Not only does it allow your fans to be more active on your page and interact with you, it also allows your friends to know your brand. For example, when you see a notification from a friend of yours who participated in your contest. This is how “viral effect” begins, share your word of mouth campaign . At the end of the day, everyone wants something for free!

Of course, there are effective ways to make your contest on Facebook. And this is very important, not only for viral, but to make sure you have no logistical problems when managing your campaign.

And for the type of contest that would work for your business, there are many options available to you.


Viral Content: One of Subway’s most popular publications was a contest

Facebook Barometer CTA

4. Includes a Call to Action

It’s not a bad idea to ask your fans to do something. This is sometimes fundamental.

Not only to increase your engagement, but also to virality. The greater the number of fans that interact with your publication, the more visible it will be. And more attractive.

If your fans react, you have more chances that others will do the same.

So, include a call to action. Throw a challenge. Make a question. Ask them to label their friends. Something that promotes the answer.

And when you answer, also answer them! If your publication is watered as gunpowder, there will come a point where you can no longer respond to everyone. But do not worry, you have achieved your goal: make a viral Facebook publication!



Viral content: includes a challenge in your call to action.

[Tweet “Do you want viral content? Call To Actions included.


5. Promotion, promotion and promotion

Last but not least, you have to promote your Facebook postings. You have to take this last point seriously.

On Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest – on all the social networks you manage. Make as many people as you know what you are capable of. You have to create expectation before you reach virality.

This is completely under your control. You have to do previous work.

Of course there are ways to speed up this process. If you are active on Facebook and other social networks, you should use social media management software. There are several options to choose from .

If you have strategic alliances, especially those who also want viral content for themselves – you can ask them to help you with the promotion. Win win. : D


Share your posts on different channels – the more visibility, the higher the probability of virality.


You may never  produce viral content like Oreo . But you can do it on a scale.

The luck factor is necessary. But you can not trust him alone. You need a plan of action.

And it all starts with your Facebook postings. Try to adapt the examples we share with you in your own way. Test each of the methods and measure what works best. After all, it’s your audience and you know them better.

Consider who your target audience is, who they are who will buy your product or service and who will see your content. Start from there.

Share your results!

Angela Monfon

Ángela es la responsable de Atención al Cliente y Web Marketing de Agorapulse para países de habla hispana. En México, es consultora de marketing digital para pequeñas y medianas empresas. Disfruta de ir a conciertos y hablar de música. Mucho.

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