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We also offer a 100% no-questions asked refund policy for our monthly subscription.

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Social Profiles*  Add additional Social Profiles to your plan for $19/month per profile.
Team Members* Add additional Team Members to your plan for $19/month per person.
Competitors* Add additional Competitors to your plan for $5/month per competitor.

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Ian Cleary

Social Media Tools Blogger, Razorsocial

AgoraPulse is a competitively priced tool with some great functionality. One of the nicest parts of AgoraPulse is that it’s very simple to use.


Jenny Brennan

Social Media Manager, VirtualOfficeWorx

Managing all my clients' Facebook pages with Agorapulse is like a walk in the park. I save a TON of time every day. Other solutions were either a nightmare or way too expensive for me.

Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer

Facebook Marketing Strategist, Consultant & Blogger

Very powerful Facebook management tool with a price point that fits any business size.

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson Gray

Social Media Tools Blogger -

When compared to Hootsuite, Agorapulse does so much more- unlimited team users, no limit on reports (and they're beautiful) and loads more advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 15-day trial work?
You get a free trial period to explore Agorapulse at no charge with 2 Facebook pages, 2 Twitter accounts & 2 Instagram accounts. No risk, no obligation and no credit card required. During the free trial: your Facebook campaigns are limited to 20 participants. Your data will sync once per hour by default.

Are we getting married here?
No. We're free spirits too. :-) You're free to cancel your subscription at any time from your account dashboard. If you subscribe to a monthly plan, your premium will automatically recur each month on the anniversary of your subscription.

What happens after the trial?
If you decide to subscribe to a paid package (yay!), you’ll be asked to enter your credit card or paypal information through our secure online payment system. No contracts, no commitments, cancel at any time. We want to be the solution you love, not the chain around your ankle. Otherwise, if you need more time to test Agorapulse, you can renew your free trial once.

What payment options do you offer?
Paid subscriptions require a Visa, Mastercard, Amex or a Paypal account.

Who was the best Captain of the Enterprise?
We believe all Starfleet Captains are worthy of great honor and praise, especially those who commanded the greatest ship in the fleet. That being said- Picard

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at anytime?
Yep, and there’s no penalty. You can add or remove pages/accounts, upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Is there a fan / follower / activity limit?
No, but some Facebook pages have extremely high activity (PTAT 100K). If you manage a page like this, please contact us. We'll be happy to help. If your tweets, re-tweets, mentions, DMs and monitored searches exceed your plan's limit (3k micro, 30k small, 100k medium+) you'll lose synchronization for one day, then start again in 24 hours.

Why do I have to sign up using my Facebook account?
Like any other social media tool, we need the necessary Facebook app permissions and security tokens. Once you connect to Agorapulse, you will see a list all of the Facebook pages for which you have administrative rights, and can then choose which pages you would like to install. By using Facebook login functionality, we’ve eliminated the need for you to create your own username and password. Login and signup is done through your Facebook account.

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