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your inbox with Inbox Assistant. Automatically.


organic and ad comments with ease.

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inbox conversations with your team for easy sharing and organization.

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See the sender’s name and profile for every comment and mention. Add convenient labels to categorize users and internal notes to give your team context before contact.

Synchronize all your ad comments. Receive stats as soon as you want them in chronological order.

Inbox filters, saved replies, bulk actions, one-click translations, team assignments—get them all, no matter which plan you choose.

Multiple tasks, one simple inbox.

User interface for conversations in Agorapulse

Meaningful conversations

Our inbox captures organic/paid post comments, mentions, private messages, and reviews chronologically.

Goodbye, astronomical amounts of unanswered messages!

Inbox Assistant organizes your inbox. Automatically review, assign, bookmark, and label inbox items based on words or phrases.

Agorapulse Inbox Assistant user interface
Social media profiles

Work well with others

Social media managers can use our real-time collaboration tool to see who is doing what in their inbox. Label, assign, and bookmark items, so all team members can easily manage inbox activities.

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Manage From Your Mobile

Use our mobile app to review and respond to inbox items. Keep work as close as you want to.

Jamie Mendelsohn - Lovepop
When we moved over to Agorapulse and we got to a point where we had an inbox that captured direct messages, it captured the listening, and we were able to pull in the ad comments in the same place, we could use it just like we would use any other inbox in our ticketing system.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Once you’ve connected your Facebook ad account to Agorapulse, your inbox will capture all your incoming Instagram and Facebook ad comments. We also synchronize comments on Facebook dynamic ads. This makes us the only tool on the market to collect 100% of your ad comments, including native Facebook. And, as we know, negative ad comments can hurt your ad performance.
Get to specific messages quickly by using options to drill down by item type, date range, label used, or action taken.
Saved replies is another one of our time-saving features available to large team plans, Premium and above.
If you like to organize your inbox content by theme, language, or any other category, use our flexible labels for easy retrieval.
Our Inbox Assistant, which is available on large team plans, Premium and above, lets you automate many common inbox tasks. Depending on the social network, you will be able to review, hide, delete, assign, and/or bookmark an inbox item depending on particular keywords.
Collision detection is provided on our large team plans by telling you which teammate is doing what-and-where. You’ll have visibility of who’s live and if any of your team members are currently replying to the item you’re viewing. Teams of 80 rely on Agorapulse to avoid reply-overlap.

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