What is Negative Feedback? Should you care?

Facebook statistics

One of the Facebook metrics that I find my clients pay least attention to is Negative Feedback.
There is something addictive about the more attractive metrics such as Page and Post Reach, Likes, Comments, and Shares that I find disturbing.
To help you understand where I am coming from, let me bring you through what Negative Feedback means and why you should care.

Facebook marketing weekly review (July 25th 2014)


This week’s Pulse features some pretty significant influencers. Find out what Kim Garst has to say about using Twitter to grow your business and the strategy Jay Bear recommends for relationship marketing. We have also found a very simple guide to getting your content seen on Facebook, which ties in nicely with the piece on how Nestle is dealing with changes in organic reach. This week also features an interesting experiment on advertising objectives. We hope you enjoy it.