Facebook Contests: 5 Must-Read Posts


There’s more to Facebook marketing than sponsored stories and right-hand column ads. The platform’s more complex than that. It offers more opportunities.
And one of those opportunities – a particularly good one, even – are contests.

At AgoraPulse, we’ve written on Facebook contests as well. Quite a bit, actually.
But we know your time matters to you and you’re probably always running low. That’s why we’re going to compile our 5 best posts on the subject, so you can build contests that really do something for your bottom line. We’ll take you through the entire process, from conception to optimization.
Let’s get started.

Social Media Marketing Weekly Review (October 17th 2014)


You may have noticed that we have been expanding the focus of the Weekly Pulse. We’ve moved from purely Facebook to bring you a variety of Social Media Marketing content. Instagram and Twitter feature in this week’s Pulse as well as some tips on writing great social media posts. We are really excited to share our experiment on how A/B ad testing tripled our ROI. We hope you enjoy our more diversified weekly review of all the best social media marketing content.

Best Facebook Pages ~ Discover 5 Ways My Loire Valley achieves a 370.5% engagement rate on their Facebook page!

Facebook post reach case study

This week in our best Facebook Pages series we are analyzing My Loire Valley, a 24,000+ fan page dedicated to the French Region of the Loire Valley, that achieves a 370.5% engagement rate. And, they accomplish this without spending a single Euro! Let’s take a look at how:

Lower your Facebook Ads cost and triple your ROI with these 6 A/B tests

Facebook Ads

It’s no small wonder Google and Facebook are reporting billions of dollars in profit every quarter, in many cases online advertising can be the most effective way to scale the growth of your business. As efficient as these two platforms can be, they’re growing more complex every week, requiring more knowledge and effort on your part. The key to success is finding the best targeting options for your business.
Here are the tests you need to cut out misleading data and get right to the people who will buy!