Best Facebook Pages: Discover 5 techniques a travel blog uses to get over 2,000 fans a week!

Facebook post reach case study

This week we’re analysing The Planet D, a travel blog with a 125,000+ fan page showcasing travel stories, photography and inspiration. They engage with a large portion of their fans on a daily basis and, as a result, are growing by an average of 2,000 fans per week. We’re going to discover how.

Facebook Contests: 5 Must-Read Posts


There’s more to Facebook marketing than sponsored stories and right-hand column ads. The platform’s more complex than that. It offers more opportunities.
And one of those opportunities – a particularly good one, even – are contests.

At AgoraPulse, we’ve written on Facebook contests as well. Quite a bit, actually.
But we know your time matters to you and you’re probably always running low. That’s why we’re going to compile our 5 best posts on the subject, so you can build contests that really do something for your bottom line. We’ll take you through the entire process, from conception to optimization.
Let’s get started.