Twitter account management: the 9 common mistakes you need to avoid


Emeric and I compiled this list of 9 mistakes we often see businesses make on Twitter. Some of them have been repeated like a broken record, but we still see businesses make these mistakes over and over again. I find it hardly surprising when businesses claim that “Twitter doesn’t work.”
Whether you work in a social media team in a medium-sized business or an agency, you should probably write these 9 red flags into your rulebook for Twitter. To help you do that, we’ve broken these top mistakes into 3 categories:

5 Ways to Get More Organic Reach for Your Facebook Posts


You’re probably heard that Facebook reach is down. And it’s true, to a degree.
The latest salvo of updates Facebook made to its ranking algorithms certainly had an effect on more than a few industries. And there are a few more reasons, too.
But, even if reach was improving, you’d still have work to do. More organic reach is a good thing. You always want more.
Because the more organic reach you have, the more you’re read, the more you’re known, and the more you’re bought from. And that’s why we’re all on Facebook, ultimately. It’s the reason we do anything in business. To sell. To make a profit.
That said, let’s think about how to get more organic reach for your Facebook posts. You don’t get to the bottom line without going through a few rows, after all.
Here’s what you can do, this week, to get more visibility for more posts.

Why Facebook Doesn\'t Care about Your Reach: Social Media Marketing Weekly Review (November 14th 2014)


This week we find out all about the Facebook Unfollow feature. Love it or hate it, you need to know about it. We have also found some amazing resources and eBooks for you, our readers. Get some expert tips to take your Facebook marketing and advertising to the next level this holiday season. We share an awesome eBook to help businesses get the most out of Twitter, in addition to some tips on creative Twitter updates. We hope you have your earbuds ready – you’ll need them when you dive into the new marketing podcast website! Enjoy….

The Best of Social Media Marketing World 2014

Social Media Marketing World 2014

Earlier this year, the AgoraPulse team was at Social Media Marketing World.
It’s a highly regarded industry conference. You may have heard of it. You may have even been there yourself.
And this year, like the last, was full of powerful social marketing insights for organizations of all kinds. Organizations like yours.
Whether you were at the conference or weren’t able to make it, it’s not a bad time to review a few of the key sessions. They’re still relevant and they’ll still make a positive impact on your bottom line. And that’s never a bad thing.
So, let’s go over what we learned.