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octobre 26, 2015 at 12:48

Les meilleurs horaires pour publier sur votre page Facebook


Facebook is the only social network that offers more analytics than the social media manager really needs. On the other hand, it does not talk much about the famous Edge Rank, ie the algorithm that defines the visibility of a publication on a page.

Facebook, despite its status as the most popular and used social network, remains unfortunately very opaque on this data. Difficult to know the best schedules to publish on your Facebook page.

Far be it from me to say that it would be necessary to dissect the EdgeRank algorithm so that your publications are as visible as possible, but rather to understand some basic principles, and how it works.
One of the most important components of the Edge Rank is the timetable for publication.

On this topic, you’ve probably heard all sorts of things. By searching all this on Google, you will come across many popular infographics, which contradict each other.

Also, if we go to the side of Twitter, we see that everyone has his interpretation of the best schedule …


It becomes difficult to know who to believe. In truth, it becomes incomprehensible.

Today, we will find the right timetables that allow the best visibility for YOUR Facebook publication.

1. When should I post on Facebook?

The best answer to this question? “it depends”.
The right question is “when do I have to post on my Facebook page”

And to answer this question, several points should be considered:
– What is its audience?
– When is she online?
– How do they commit to published posts?

I know that these three points may sound a little boaty and do not offer a ready answer, but like any marketing technique, one must first take an interest in its targets, in order to understand them, and to act accordingly.

For example, you will not communicate to the same television schedules on a product if your targets are children or adults. Children watch television on weekends and in the morning, while adults watch television until 11 pm in the evening. Everything is a matter of target.

On Facebook, it’s the same!

2. How do I find the right times to post on my page?

First, start with the data you have.
Jon Loomer recommends using Facebook Insight (analytics) and tracing the thread of his Facebook page over the last three months to see the posts that have generated the most commitment and have the greatest reach. Then, look at the schedules to which you have mailed them.

Did you post them in the evening? the night ? the afternoon ? the morning ? the weekend ? the week ? it was the holidays?

Also, what was the pace of publication? You posted every day? every week ?
Did the reach (publication visibility) decrease if you had a lower publication frequency?

All these questions will help you define your best schedule.

If you have an international audience, you will notice some inconsistent data, because time zones are different for each country, as well as for a hearing that works on off-shifted or unconventional schedules.

Make sure to contextualize your Facebook Insight data.


Si vous n’êtes pas à l’aise avec Facebook Insight, vous pouvez utiliser des outils qui calculeront tout cela de manière automatique, et vous recommanderons les bons horaires.
Attention toutefois, cela peut être défectueux car ça ne prend pas en compte plusieurs aspects comme les fanpages concurrentes, les ventes générées, les audiences internationales par exemple.

Agorapulse recommande les meilleurs horaires pour publier son contenu sur sa fanpage Facebook, en se basant sur les 50 dernières publications publiées.

Agorapulse recommande l’heure optimale pour atteindre et engager son audience. Pour cela, le saas se base sur la performance des 50 posts dernièrement publiés – pas seulement une période de temps, qui peut ne pas être très qualitative – afin de vous montrer ce qui fonctionne réellement.

Agorapulse recommends the best times of the day to publish on Facebook, based on the performance of your last 50 Facebook posts.

Agorapulse also shows which themes worked best in your content strategy. All this is exportable and modifiable on PPT, in one click!

The PPT Agorapulse reports reveal the best subjects posted on your Facebook page.

3. Are there any general trends?

Although we can not say that there is a perfect timetable for posting Facebook publications, we can say that there are tactics and good practices that allow for adequate schedules and provide evidence: more click, and more.

Recently, it has been observed that posting to schedules where nobody is online can still bring good results. It sounds really bizarre and a priori unreasonable. But it works, and it ‘s pretty easy to see why: when you post during the most popular and popular schedules, you compete with thousands – millions – of pages that also post to these schedules.

The chances of your publication being seen are therefore considerably reduced, no matter if millions of people are present at the time on the social network.

If you want to apply this practice, go to Facebook Insight, go to the sub-tab “Publications” to see the hours and days when the fans are least active. and post at those hours!

To conclude on the best possible schedule, do AB Testing. Post to both schedule types: where posts have generated the most commitment, and where the users are least active, and with different messages.


The best way to post is always yours.

Experience all of the above tips, and you’ll discover your best time to post on Facebook.

For those who have made this experience, what are your best schedules ?! Day Night ? weekend, week?
Tell us about it!

Julie Poupat

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Julie Poupat

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