Fracture is an international ecommerce company that turns customers’ images into frameless glass prints. Since 2009, they’ve fulfilled over 200,000 orders from all fifty U.S. states and dozens of countries across the globe. They use social media to stay active and engaged with with customers and attract future customers through organic and paid social actions.

Keeping Up With Social Media

Chuck Ellis, Director of Social Media and PR at Fracture, needed to address several pain points with a social media management tool, namely to:

  • Organize social media posts contributed to by multiple team members
  • Monitor and engage with their audience on their social media channels without the resource of a dedicated team member
  • Fulfill these requirements while staying on budget
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Chuck Ellis of Fracture sought a social media management tool that allowed his existing social team to be more effective in managing their social profiles.

Making the Switch

Fracture started out using Sprout Social for their basic social media management features. After using Sprout for a while, Ellis was curious if there were other tools that had the same functionality at a more reasonable price.

A quick Google search was all it took for him to discover Agorapulse.

“I typed ‘Sprout Social vs.’ into Google and let autocomplete do the rest. I had never heard of Agorapulse, so I checked out the article that came up. It was very flattering to [Agorapulse], so we gave it a try.”

After going for a test drive with a free trial, he quickly realized they could get more bang for their buck using Agorapulse.

“Important things like assigning posts, tagging incoming posts, and reporting were all considerably more expensive on Sprout Social,” Ellis says. It was then he decided to make it official and sign up for a subscription with Agorapulse.

Goals = Smashed

Using Agorapulse has allowed Ellis and his team to reap the benefits of a social media specialist while coming in well under budget. The tool takes the place of an extra team member, condensing all the functions they require into one place: monitoring conversations, allowing engagement with their audience, and easily scheduling content into an simple-to-use calendar.

manages social conversations

Using the tool has saved them thousands of dollars per year in employee salary and benefits, allowing them to reallocate those funds to social media marketing and PR efforts.

Time saved is an additional benefit they’ve gotten from the tool — with all of their team members able to collaborate much more efficiently.

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Freestyle: Favorite Feature

When asked what his favorite feature is about Agorapulse, Ellis readily answered — reports.

It makes generating reports easy and understandable. We love the analytics features [Agorapulse] offers!”

Ellis is able to quickly run reports on the metrics that matter to him and his team, and easily download an automatically generated PowerPoint presentation to share the results of their work with the rest of the company.

With metrics like engagement, fan growth, reach, and more, the Fracture team can see where they’re knocking it out of the park and where their strategy needs improvement.

managing social reporting

Fracture and Agorapulse: A Picture Perfect Partnership

As Fracture continues to grow their social media presence, Agorapulse will help them manage and engage with their fans effectively. With the right features as the right price, it’s clear that they go together like Gisele and a camera lens!

Check out how the price of your current social media management tool compares to Agorapulse.

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