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Additional social profiles
$20/ea (up to 15) Custom price
Additional users
$50/ea (up to 4) Custom price
Additional Shared Calendar
$15/ea (up to 8) Unlimited


Asset Library
Limited to 10 images
and 2 videos
Limited to 500 images
and 20 videos
Up to 50GB of data
Scheduled posts 10 scheduled posts at anytime Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Label content
Unified calendar
Assign & approve posts
Shared calendars
2 included,
(8 add-on calendars available)
Instagram Grid view
Reels publishing
Carousel publishing


Manage Google My Business reviews
2 hrs synch time 1 hr synch time 5 min
Advanced social inbox
No Twitter sync,
100 items
2 hrs Twitter sync,
5,000 items
1 hr Twitter sync,
10,000 items
5 min Twitter sync,
60,000 items
Social CRM Tools
Ad comments monitoring Limited to 100 items 300 active ads per profile 600 active ads per profile 600+ active ads per profile
Listening Searches
Automated Inbox Assistant
Collision detection
Saved replies


Social media ROI
Data retention 1 month 6 months 12 months 24 months
Facebook ROI calculator
Report exports
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Facebook competitor analysis
(add-ons available)
(add-ons available)
(add-ons available)
Power reports
$29/mo. $59/mo.
Team reports

Other Benefits

Mobile app
Customer support Email support Email support Priority email & chat support Priority email, chat, & phone support
Response time 1 business day 4 hrs or less 1 hr or less 30 min or less
Training Agorapulse Academy Agorapulse Academy Group training 1-to-1 training
Team workflow
Free Social Media Manager School Access
Dedicated Account Manager
Quarterly Business Review

Add-Ons for You

Power Reports

Starting at $29/mo

Add more customization and save more time. With Power Reports, you can:

  • Customize the metrics shown on each report
  • Aggregate multiple profiles’ data in one chart
  • Schedule unlimited weekly or monthly reports
  • Export in PowerPoint

Shared Calendars

Starting at $15 per calendar/mo

Create an easy-to-use collaboration portal with each of your clients. A shared calendar allows you to:

  • Invite clients not on your Agorapulse plan
  • Get instant feedback on your scheduled content

Don't just take our word for it

NickCarita @NickCarita
I can't tell you how much I LOVE using @Agorapulse! It's easily one of the easiest social media schedulers I've used! Plus, they actually ASK for suggestions from their users and will implement them if it helps! I love being a part of the AP community! #socialmedia #agorapulse
Two Hour Digital @twohourdigital
Armed now with @AgoraPulse * Best day and time to publish* report data, we only published 7 tweets, but got over 8,000 impressions and a +0.4% increased engagement rate to 2.0%.

And four new followers.

Stats all going in the right way 😎 👍
Mike Kawula @MikeKawula
I use @Agorapulse

Their service is AMAZING (the entire team online is very active)

Easy platform with tons of features!
Madison Hedding @madisonhedding3
We use @Agorapulse as well! I manage 80+ profiles so it’s great for bandwidth!! But for people I know that also uses it in a smaller manner, they love it. We switched from e-clincher bc it was always giving us issues and was super buggy.
David Trott - Impact Digital Marketing @ImpactGroupDT
And just like that, @Agorapulse go and release an in-platform image editor, and improve my quarantine working life by around 283%. Awesome - thanks team!
Sue-Ann Bubacz @SueAnnBubacz
Oh my gosh...just started using @Agorapulse and I think I’m in love 😍 and also surprised with the capabilities!! Still learning... #vcbuzz
Paul Colligan - Podcast Partnership @colligan
The more I use @Agorapulse, the more I wonder why I didn't listen to @Mike_Stelzner's recommendation sooner.
Talk Fast Social @TalkFastSocial
We have made a BIG switch and because we work in the world of social we thought you'd want to know which scheduling platform we think is #1.
We are now with (drumroll, please...) @Agorapulse 🔥
So far we are in loveeeee 😍if you make the switch, let us know what you think!

Frequently asked questions

Sure! You can add multiple Google My Business locations and manage all those reviews easily.

Use Agorapulse to reply, assign, label, and work with your team to reply to your Google My Business reviews.

Your free trial lets you explore Agorapulse with no credit card needed! After your first 15 days of the trial, you can renew it once for another 15 days (instructions here).

By default, your trial includes a limit of 10 social media profiles, 2 users, 300 active ads per Facebook or Instagram profile, and 1 shared calendar.

If you need more social media profiles or users during your trial, contact us here.

If at any point during the trial you plan to subscribe to Agorapulse, great! We suggest you subscribe before the trial period ends so that you’ll be able to keep all the work you’ve done thus far. Here are detailed instructions and screenshots on how to subscribe.

If you take the trial and decide not to subscribe to Agorapulse, we wish you well in finding a great social media management tool. We’re constantly evolving to make social media management even easier. Subscribe to our release notes or check back in a few months to see if we better meet your needs.

Yes, you can directly publish to your Instagram business profile. Due to Instagram API limitations, we cannot provide publishing to personal profiles. Here are instructions on how to change your personal profile to a business profile.

At this time, Instagram carousels and Instagram Stories scheduling are only available through Agorapulse via push mobile notifications.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we take pride in providing you the best Instagram publishing options while staying compliant with the Instagram API.

The social profiles we support are Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram business profiles, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn company pages, and YouTube channels. You can mix and match these profiles up to the cumulative social profile limit of each plan. More info.

We're here to help! Just reach out to

We offer around-the-clock customer service. Our support team has an average response time of 16 minutes and happiness score of 96%. Don’t believe us? Check out what Capterra reviewers say about us versus other social media management tools.

Indeed. All registered nonprofit organizations are entitled to a 25% discount on our monthly plans or 15% discount on our annual plans.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or PayPal through our secure online payment system. If you subscribe to a monthly plan, you will be billed each month on the anniversary of your subscription. No contracts or commitments necessary—and you can cancel at any time.

We do offer invoicing for our annual plans as needed. Payment must be made via EFT (no checks). Please contact if you require manual payment.

We offer the option to be invoiced for your social media management cost. We accept payment via EFT (no checks). To cover administrative costs, manual invoices are available only for annual plans + an annual administration fee.

Please contact if you require manual payment.

We understand that social media management needs change over time. You can add or remove profiles/users/add-ons, or upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time in the subscription section of your organization settings. More info.

If you pick monthly billing, your subscription is month-to-month, renewed automatically. However, there's no commitment and you can cancel anytime.

If you pick annual billing, you're committed for the next 12 months. The annual subscription is pre-paid for one year with a discount of up to 20% on your social media management cost of Agorapulse.

The social profile, user, and ad limits listed for each plan on our pricing page is a good start to assess which plan might work best for you. If you need more guidance, reach out to with details on what you’re looking for in a social media management tool.

Absolutely. Go to the subscription section of your organization settings to include Shared Calendar, Power Reports, or Facebook Competitors add-ons to your existing plan. More info.

Protecting our customers’ data at all times is our highest priority. All Agorapulse apps and services are 100% developed internally by full-time employees without any outsourcing.

All of our services run in the cloud. We don’t host or run our own routers, load balancers, DNS servers, or physical servers.

Agorapulse is GDPR compliant.

Learn more about Agorapulse security.