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Share notes, track action items, and see who is communicating—in real-time.

Shared calendar users can accept, reject, or give feedback on individual posts. You and your clients can also view the entirety of your scheduled, published, to-approve, and rejected content.

Create queue categories to schedule posts of related content and campaigns. Make sure you have a great balance of content throughout the week, all at a glance.

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Tailor your content precisely with tons of in-tool features: image cropper, video thumbnail customization, saved hashtags, post preview, and more.


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Reschedule content and put it in front of new audiences. New times, new views. Publish content once, twice, or more with an end date of your choosing.

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Our mobile app lets you schedule content on your Android or iOS device from anywhere.

Stoney Creek Social Media Agency
We manage over 150 accounts just on Agorapulse. [So, the tool we use] has to be user friendly for me and everyone that works with it. And it has to be [a tool] that I know that I can rely on and trust.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we have the ability to let you schedule single image or video feed posts to go directly to Instagram at the day and time of your choosing.
Yes. You’ll need to install the Agorapulse mobile app first (Android, iOS) to receive push notifications for scheduled Instagram Stories or Carousels.

Instagram does not allow third-party tools to directly push Instagram Carousels or Stories. Any tool that allows such functionality is breaking the developers’ terms of service.
We currently integrate with bit.ly, the industry standard when it comes to URL shorteners.
We not only have queues, but we have content queue categories. With these queues, you can schedule posts on a particular theme, such as your own blog content, feature, or service-specific evergreen content, or relevant high-quality curated content.
With our content approval process, any scheduled or queued to-approved content will not go live until it is approved. With our shared calendars, any assigned scheduled content will not go live until it is approved by external users.
If you create one post bound for several social networks, we make it easy for you to make modifications for each network. In the preview panel, simply click on the profile you want to make specific changes to and make your changes. Add a Facebook Page mention, a location on Twitter, a hashtag (or 20) on Instagram — whatever you want to customize each message from one screen.
Absolutely. It’s another one of our time-saving publishing features. We have three bulk publishing options depending on your needs.
  • Upload a CSV of posts to be queued or scheduled
  • Upload up to 100 images to be queued or scheduled
  • Upload curated posts from your favorite RSS feeds
Indeed, we do. Our publishing calendar shows published, scheduled, queued, and assigned posts in one view for one or multiple social media profiles. Choose either a monthly or weekly view and filter to hone in on a particular type of content. Want to view only assigned posts for two of your Facebook pages and one Twitter account? You’ve got it. Want to share your content calendar with your clients. Try our shared calendar feature.

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Social Media Reporting

Create beautiful reports that show you what's working—and what isn’t—with your social media efforts.


Social Media Inbox

Easily manage all your incoming messages from one place.


Social Media Monitoring

Find out what everyone’s saying about you—and your competitors.